Atlanta Library: Taxes and Fraud?

HEREBy:  Diane Benjamin

The Library Tax information was compiled by an Atlanta resident.

Logan County is a PTELL(Property Tax Extension Law Limit) county. That means that a maximum rate is set which limits the tax multiplier for the lifetime of the tax. The Taxing District is allowed to raise their Tax Levy a full 5% or the percentage increase in the CPI during the 12-month calendar year preceding the levy year, whichever is less. They can do this every year until they hit their maximum rate. If the Taxing District would like to raise the maximum rate, they have to do a ballot referendum. In 2013 The Library pursued a ballot referendum to permanently raise their maximum rate from .15% to .60% and the Taxpayers approved the ballot referendum. Below is an example of what happens when vote for a TAX Referendum OR you don’t vote and let a Tax Referendum pass.





The Library is currently taxing you at .33429 and can continue to tax you up to .60000 without asking your permission!  So, once again the Atlanta Public Library Board and Cathy Maciariello have mislead the public

See the following Statues for reference:

  • 35 ILCS 200/18-205)- Property Tax levy
  • 75 ILCS 16/35-5 Public Library District Act – Taxation

Now look at this:

These are payments made by the Palms Grill from the cash register – in other words – taxpayer dollars:

Who bought food with their Link/Food Stamps card and got paid cash for it at the Palms Grill?



(Click to enlarge any of the pics)







It gets better:

Who associated with the Palms Grill drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer?

Here are just a few of the many payments made from the Palms Grill for PBR cases:


The Grill doesn’t use beer to cook anything, they need to explain why they are paying for somebody’s Pabst fetish!

The Food stamp purchases look like a Federal crime.

If the beer purchases are for personal use, that violates the State Constitution:

Article VIII Section 1:


(a) Public funds, property or credit shall be used only for public purposes.


It sure would be nice if Atlanta/Logan County has a prosecutor.

The citizens need to be protected from their government, nobody in Logan County is up to the task evidently.

See the original FOIA request  HERE

See the complete response  HERE


11 thoughts on “Atlanta Library: Taxes and Fraud?

  1. Randy is in a leadership position in the Atlanta Christian Church and several other trustees attend the same church while others attend other local churches. So is this he kind of morales and ethics that are taught at the church? I used to attend but got tired of this same elitist behavior. Looks like some are still bankrupt in Christian values. Blinded by the light!


      1. No answer to the above question? I can tell you the answer. ZERO. No other Atlanta Public Library Board is a member of the Atlanta Christian Church. Keep spinning the conspiracy lies. The only exception would be that Lori Cotton attends now and then but I would hardly consider her a regular attendee.


  2. Not good, not good. I see the Pantagraph did a nice little story about the Atlanta library today…media is morally bankrupt…just like the PBR guy!


    1. Not good? Well one has to question what lies and misrepresentations the library staff and trustees told to get the exhibit. If you are insinuating that this media is morally bankrupt think again….facts don’t lie like the library trustees and staff do. I guess laws don’t matter either or they are only supposed to apply to certain people. Really Angela? Let me guess, you are one of those so called Christians


  3. “The Grill doesn’t use beer to cook anything, they need to explain why they are paying for somebody’s Pabst fetish!” < <<<That is a lie. They do indeed use beer for their Friday night special of BEER battered cod.


      1. Yes, I am sure. If you were going to buy beer to drink, would you buy that rot gut? Trust me. It’s the cheapest beer that was sold at the store in Atlanta for a reason. It was used in the beer battered cod. Beer batter doesn’t freeze well. You appear to be a good researcher. Do your homework before posting some of this stuff.


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