Part 2: Normal Spending tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Part 1:


Were all those beautiful mums for a couple of weeks worth this?  Keep in mind the labor to plant them is not included!


Misc Payments:

Listed under City Manager General expenses:

More Misc Expenses:

FOIA filed:






5 thoughts on “Part 2: Normal Spending tonight

  1. $16k for flowers from an out-of-town supplier. Jones Country Gardens is in Pontiac. And they want me to spend my money locally to prop up their over-taxation???? Ha ha ha


  2. Oh… AND… of course the labor was not included. Couldn’t have those employees working anywhere except “beautifying” Uppity Town. Not to mention the man hours spent putting up the “holiday” lights. Must be nice to never have to worry about running out of money…. JUST RAISE THEIR TAXES!!!!


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