Normal Taxpayers got SCAMMED!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night Trustees RC McBride and Kevin McCarthy went out of their way to thanks the 5 citizens who spoke at Public Comment.  They needed to because 3 out of the 5 were plants.

Normal illegally requires citizens who want to speak to sign up hours in advance.  That gives Koos and company time to get their own speakers.  They did just that last night.

The first speaker was against the tax increase.  Craig Stimpert laid out facts.  He was ignored.

Next up was Dave Shields.  Try not to gag listening to him.  Dave forgot to mention he was Chris Koos’s campaign manager:

Next up was Ron Ulmer, the other speaker against raising taxes.  He was also ignored.

I will come back to the fourth speaker.

The last speaker was Julie Hile.  Koos must have been scraping the bottom of his “go to” barrel of pro-fleecing progressives to pull her out.   Who is Julie Hile?

Julie Hile is a long-time consultant for the Town.  Just this year she has been paid:



Just a concerned citizens!  Ha Ha Ha

Now I will go back to the 4th speaker:  Bob Broad.

Bob Broad is Julie Hile’s life partner!

Taxes weren’t raised because they care about the police and fire pensions.

What the Town Council passed last night is an increase to the tax levy to support the General Fund.  Revenue from other taxes is decreasing, raising property taxes will cover the losses.

See anything that REQUIRES the increase to go to pensions?

As previously reported ( Normal has underfunded the Police and Fire pensions for YEARS.

I predict that will continue.

The citizens of Normal were scammed because they stayed home.

Maybe I should quit writing about Normal.  If the citizens don’t care, why should I?

Watch the comments below, Public Comment starts at 11:25:


7 thoughts on “Normal Taxpayers got SCAMMED!

  1. Bob Broad is/was a full professor in the English Dept. at ISU where Julie was hired to facilitate and paid thousands of dollars to bring a strategic plan for the department. They are tax funded through and through!


  2. Don’t trust Bob broad or Julie Hile. There have been some shady things at Normandy Village since they purchased it a little over a year ago. We miss the Tornquists, hope retirement is treating them well.


  3. Criminey when I read the personal info on Broad I just laughed. The first thing that came to mind was when the detective in the movie “Serial Mom” at the beginning says oooo wee, ooo wee or from the “Wizard of Oz”. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


  4. Normal government corrupt through and through, has been for years! Company cars for Parks&Rec department, give me a break! Looking forward to Normal and Illinois in my rear view mirror ASAP!


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