Illegal or just unethical?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The event below is being held tonight on public property.

The Normal Township website says nothing about having a room to rent:

Since a couple of politicians are using a room, according to an email I received, you too can reserve it.  Just make it open to the public and not-for-profit and it’s free.  They do have a list of charges for other groups too.  See their policy:   COMMUNITY ROOM RENTAL RATES 2017

The Township is not charging two Democrats running for office for this room tonight using non-profit as the grounds.

They better not have any campaign signs on public property:

Democrats won many of the Township seats in the last elections.  Now they are evidently planning to use this taxpayer property to campaign by calling it non-profit.

Does that mean if elected they won’t take a salary?

Londrigan is Dick Durbin’s hand-picked choice to run against Rodney Davis  More on Richards will come later.

On the bright side, Sarah Grammer responded to my FOIA requests the same day.   Thanks Sarah.

4 thoughts on “Illegal or just unethical?

  1. Londrigan was a longtime fundraiser for Little Dickie Durbin (who is severely in need of being term limited) and Richards is a ” Liberal community activist – but ya’all prolly already know all that – bottom line – both would be poison for Illinois/Bloomington/Normal.


  2. Nikita Richards=County Clerk=MASSIVE Organized, Orchestrated Election Fraud!

    But the Self loathing Whites and Diversity Maniacs will just LOVE her!


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