Here is just one reason Normal raises taxes:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Here’s just a few of the Town’s recent follies:  (there are more)

Portillos give away – $1,825,000 plus interest:

Greenbriar Shopping Center – $4.8 million

$100,000 to the Mclean County History Museum + $700,000 that wasn’t budgeted:

$420,853.49 for new furniture


Here’s one you probably forgot or never knew:

The taxpayers in Normal paid ISU $500,000 for Hancock Stadium renovations.


The only reason Normal wants to raise property taxes is to keep funding their pet projects.

The Town is required to hold a tax hearing.  It will be held December 4th.

If you don’t show up to protest – all increases will be YOUR fault.

5 thoughts on “Here is just one reason Normal raises taxes:

  1. There are so many people, organizations, and companies receiving/enjoying taxpayer giveaways that Koos & Co., in essence, buy each election. How many people have been added to the government payroll since Koos took office? How many more new recipients get $ from the Town of Normal? How many people simply conclude that the ends justify the means when it comes to bankrolling Portillos? Hint: It’s easily the difference in 14 votes (and then some).


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