“Welcoming Ordinance” Glitch

By:  Diane Benjamin

Not In Our Town didn’t care when the mayor of Bloomington abused numerous citizens with vile comments.  They didn’t care when he attacked an elected alderman.  He used his position to intimidate people with different opinions.  How is that any different than Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and Harvey Weinstein?  Because sex isn’t involved?  All of them thought they were invincible and could act as despicably as they wanted.  Tari Renner is no different as evidenced by his PCard abuse and condescending attitude.

Now Renner and NIOT gang expect the citizens of Bloomington to “welcome” people in this country illegally to Bloomington.  They want to declare “open borders” for people who have no right to be here.  Governor Rauner already declared Illinois a sanctuary state, so what’s the purpose?

Why would Mike Matejka support people willing to work cheaper than his union buddies?  Mike?  Mike?

This ordinance was discussed on Tuesday at the Springfield City Council meeting:    http://www.springfieldcityclerk.com/Government/PDFHandler.ashx?itemID=753&itemType=MeetingAtt

It didn’t pass, it was tabled.

We hear lots of local reports of gun fire, assaults, and robberies – at least the ones the media bothers to report.  Are there any stories of illegals being abused other than by the people whose job it is to enforce the laws?  Are laws immaterial to illegals just like they are to government?  Is the purpose of this multi-city and state attack on enforcing immigration laws an attempt to create chaos?  If we aren’t a country of laws, what are we?

Here’s the glitch:

The Open Meetings Act is the law in Illinois:  (excerpts)  http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=84&ChapterID=2

(5 ILCS 120/1) (from Ch. 102, par. 41) 
    Sec. 1. Policy. It is the public policy of this State that public bodies exist to aid in the conduct of the people's business and that the people have a right to be informed as to the conduct of their business. 
    The General Assembly further declares it to be the public policy of this State that its citizens shall be given advance notice of and the right to attend all meetings at which any business of a public body is discussed or acted upon in any way. 

Last Monday so many people wanting the City Council to stop the police from working with ICE tried to attend the meeting they wouldn’t all fit in the room.  The ordinance wasn’t even on the agenda, it was merely an attempt to force the Council to bring it up.

How many people will show up when it IS on the agenda?  People opposed to wanting laws ignored will also show up this time.  If the council chambers can’t accommodate every citizen who wants to be in the room, the meeting will violate the Open Meetings Act.  If Tari Renner holds the meeting anyway it will prove he has no respect for the law and everything voted on at the meeting can be reversed – even if it takes going to court.

The City Council will be starting a war between people who value the law and those they want to rule based on “feelings”.  They are encouraging anarchy by all citizens who will feel if some people can re-write the law, they can too.

Is this ordinance worth the expense of moving a City Council meeting to a larger venue?  Is it worth the police protection that will be required to maintain order?  The supporters Monday night were allowed to applaud their speakers thus disrupting the meeting.  The opposition should be afforded the same right since the precedence has been set.

Will Tari Renner be allowed to shuffle the comment cards so only his supporters get to speak?  Funny how last Monday the ACLU, a pro-illegal immigration lawyer, and several professionals supporting the change got to speak, Renner mentioned there wasn’t time for everyone who signed up.  Will public comment be extended so more than 10 people can be heard if 20 or 30 sign up to speak?

The City Council is being asked to declare laws don’t matter.  Are “feelings” worth the trouble this is going to bring?

If you live in Bloomington:  Ask your alderman!

The City attorney has been notified.






17 thoughts on ““Welcoming Ordinance” Glitch

  1. As we begin a major economic decline that will destroy our area for the next 20 years, we worry about how the police are going to deal with illegal aliens? In another year, we will have plenty of room for illegals. I wonder if they will be able to afford the $350,000 houses that will be for sale once State Farm downsizes in mass?


  2. i still think this charitable act of welcome is a plan to control elections and the future pushed by the dem caucus . . I saw a certain democrat of Illinois announce he was leaving congress and during his speaking mentioned over 800000 strong he wants to empower with rights as immigrants , even though illegal citizens and scatter them thru out wisc , iowa , etc . it’s one thing to welcome those who are in need , it’s another to use them as a political tool . this state already suffers from pensions gutted from favor over backing and bureaucracy that is padded over cuts to needed programs . . these jokers put strain on cities by filling them with out having adequate services or funds to handle it . too many unanswered questions and no data .. and it has nothing to do with race or color as one on a page said as I expressed concern . it is Christian to help others , it is foolish to just accept a blank check . nothing is free and trusting politicians .. please …


  3. I don’t have problem with people wanting better lives, but an awakening of the real problems is the exploition of the illegals promising them the American dream that not only no longer exists but many will still live in poverty while these false promises lead to breaking up families and homes of good people from foreign lands. But of course the libturd Rennerites are much too ignorant to understand reality.


    1. “Rennerites are much too ignorant to understand reality.” – I have noticed an extreme lack of comprehension skills (regarding both written and oral information) in nearly all of them, seriously, they simply seem to have lost, if indeed they ever had, the ability to form reasonable opinions based on presented facts – they simply emote, like very young children. I have been noticing this for years, with a huge number of the far left, and it’s quite troubling that they are able to gather themselves in such numbers to loudly bleat (emote) their desires that are based entirely on extremely flawed understanding of the situations they are emoting about.


  4. How dare these people accuse me of wanting to break up families, No one is putting the blame where it should lie which is on the parents of those coming into our country illegally, they are the ones placing their families into the possibility of being left alone if they are deported because they have not followed the legal way to come into this country. No one especially me would stop their families from following them back across the border from where they came they are the ones making the decision to not have their families go with them. Once a safe haven is created by our local officials all you are doing is continuing to send the message that those wanting to circumvent the law by entering our country illegally can do so because we will not allow our police to enforce the laws that are in place. The message needs to be sent load and clear and that if you come into our country through illegal means we will not allow you to stay,PERIOD


      1. Show up the next time the Council meets whether it is on the agenda or not. Show up to Renner’s Town Hall Meetings. He wants to hear what the citizens’ concerns.


    1. These families are broken up by themselves taking the chance, seriously taking the chance that everything will work out in their favor. If anyone needs chastised for family breakup it IS the illegals themselves for taking such a chance with their own family unit. It’s a gamble and they know it. Not your fault, not my fault, not our fault. Their fault.


  5. Mike? Mike? Please say something that makes sense. Your sheep don’t know what to do. I’m going to this meeting…wonder if National Guard will be called in. Why are certain individuals painted as racist and hateful while others, who break all the laws, are considered just and fair? I’m not talking about undocumented immigrants either. Diane, I also noted the chosen speakers seemed hand picked. I think the comment drawing needs to be taped at every meeting.


  6. The reason Mike does not care about his union members is that their vote is not needed right now. Also, Mike may not the sharpest tool in the shed. The dems have used the downtrodden for their benefit throughout history in this country, specifically Illinois.


    1. As the destruction of our beloved country continues it’s downward spiral the cliche of “it’s dog eats dog” comes to mind. Keeping a job, keeping bread on the table, but too dumb to look past the next meal.


  7. The stunt at the Council meeting was a well-choreographed trial balloon to see how it would be received. It’s likely that Renner and Friends had advance notice and all agreed to table it. Can we assume that most illegals will be even more welcome in Tari’s neighborhood or Mike Mat-jerka’s neighborhood? Perhaps, an electronic sign on Veterans could recommend such locations for illegals to live.


      1. Renner probably took part in the organization of the “rally.” He probably invited them. He wants to get things on the agenda before he needs 5 alderman to sign on first.


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