Normal: questions, questions!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Unless a lot of citizens show up for Public Comment, Tuesday’s meeting will last less than 15 minutes.

Here’s some of the bills that will be approved:

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More proof government exists for government employees:

Don’t forget the $60 gift card employees received too!
I wonder where the money came from to pay off the developer?  This was sold as a 5-7 year repayment:  Details

Maybe the Town is tired of hearing about Portillos?
More giving away your money?

I wonder how much the Uptown businesses contribute?

Somebody spiked their pensions – this payment came out of Streets instead of Administration that allowed it.

What’s the deposit for and how much is the total?

See the Envison website  HERE
More money spent just to apply for a Tigegrant

In April they paid $30,279.56, May $21,641.66.  I might have missed other payments.
This one needs an explanation!

The LLC was revoked in November:


16 thoughts on “Normal: questions, questions!

  1. Good idea, Diane! Let’s attend and signup to speak, folks! Force Koos & Co. to inconvenience their list of hand puppets and friends of government who will be forced to come out in the cold to balance the speakers. Julie Hile…come on down!

      1. Salvation Army didn’t meet its goal for the Red Bucket campaign. They’re hoping donations will continue by mail & online. Again, people only have so much in their pockets.

      2. Swinger’s closed because their quality and service went down, drastically. Portillo’s wouldn’t have had an impact on Swinger’s; two entirely different restaurants.

  2. After we were promised the leanest budget in years, “cuts are coming,” etc., now here we are at the first Council meeting of the year shelling out $1.7 million on a hot dog stand. They clearly want to get this Portillos debacle behind them. Did they really think no one would notice?

  3. Is it possible that Portillo’s has already generated $1.7M in tax revenue? I doubt it because that would be a lot of sandwiches.

    1. Not a chance. Also what I’ve noticed is that as busy as it first was for about the first 6 weeks, it has died down considerably. That initial first 6 months of busy, busy, packed, that new chain restaurants usually get in this town didn’t happen with Portillos. Yeah they’re busy but with SF downsizing and moving out, it’ll never be the same. Note also that the Hooters on the Riverfront in Peoria is closing. Strange times indeed.

  4. Not a word of any of this in this morning’s Pravdagraph. Just a rehash of Young America protesting their tax assessment. Who can blame them? At least Young America didn’t get a tax break to develop their properties like everyone else in Normal.

    1. Portillo’s almost cost Koos the election. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back in Normal. People are pissed and have woken up! I’d expect to see more financial Three-card Monte from Koos & Co. His strategy will continue to be “tax-spend-control”, but obscure or keep the finances out of sight. RC and Carlo will help drive the getaway car at WGLT. And Tari’s pals at the Slantagraph will “forget” to include the financial figures.

  5. Instead of asking all these questions here, why don’t you call city hall, ask your questions, and then publish the answers. Just askin’. Answers, instead of questions, would be nice. I’d even pay for some answers.

  6. Yes Rich, you are correct. There are a lot of questions and Normal Council members have a lot of explaining to do. But, just what type of answers to you expect to get from city hall? Tell you what. Why don’t you pose your questions to Jeff Fritzen and see what type of answers you get. Bit of advice. They prefer email.

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