County: Mandatory Recycling TOMORROW

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tomorrow we will find out who the real Republicans are on the County Board.  I can assure you that some of them do not believe in limited government.  Mandating recycling is not only impossible to enforce, it attacks the poor the most.  If landlords and businesses are FORCED to recycle, rents will increase and prices will follow for all goods and services.

Ryan Scritchlow needs your opinions.  Emails sent to him will become part of the permanent record, they are the equivalent of public comment.  Email him here:  [email protected]

The County Board meeting is tomorrow morning – of course when most people are at work:

Mandatory Recycling will be on the agenda:

I can’t wait to see the vote!

It’s rare to see an issue that divides the BIG government lovers from those protecting the rights of citizens.  This one does that.


8 thoughts on “County: Mandatory Recycling TOMORROW

  1. The Libertarian Party should be ready to pounce! These RINOs and phonies (Barnett) need to be thrown out on their arses.

  2. Here’s an idea: offer people an opportunity to reduce their jail sentences (for non-major crimes) or community service. Give them a recycling bin, a pair of heavy duty gloves, and protective clothing. Have them report to the dumps in the area and search for recyclable materials.

    If you receive a 100-day sentence in jail here, you can get bonus time served for working a “dump day.” If you’re not working, you don’t get to continue in the program to reduce your sentence further.

    If you have community service, you can get 100 hours doing X or you can do 50 hours of “dump time.”

    Ultimately, have these people pull recyclable materials outside of the dump. Now the numbers I’ve used are just to illustrate the example that we could have these people serve their communities and help salvage materials from the dump. If they want to, they can get additional time served. You can also pair these people up with folks from the Environmental Action Committee who can volunteer their time to do the same. There are probably millions and millions of soda cans, plastic bottles, and what not in the dumps. Why not pull them out and help the environment?

  3. The Ecology Action Center is a quasi-government agency similar to the EPA which is unelected and unaccountable but receivers taxpayer dollars. This group is trying to impose policy on the community. Does the County Board have any idea the number of unfunded mandates the EPA imposes on municipalities already? These mandate drain the coffers requiring additional revenue. Here comes more tax and fee increases.

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