UPDATE: County to vote against the Chamber

The County Board voted to kill the Scritchlow amendment.  I taped the meeting and will be posting the discussion.  5 Republicans voted with the Democrats.

By:  Diane Benjamin

For once the Chamber of Commerce is on the right side of an issue.  Usually they love Big government tax and spend liberals.

The Ecology Action Center claims they talked to 1000’s of stakeholders and they all approve of the plan.  How did they miss the 1000 member businesses of the Chamber?

They are AGAINST the recycling plan without the Scritchlow Amendment!  I hear the GOP will likely cave and defeat it anyway.  The County Board meeting is at 9:00.  Supposedly it will be live streamed.  It should appear here:  http://www.mcleancountyil.gov/Archive.aspx

The Chamber sent this letter to all County Board members.  I wonder if this will be the first time the Board votes against them.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: County to vote against the Chamber

  1. This has to be stopped and stopped completely or it will “progress” along to tjhis level – This is a typical recycling/collection schedule in the UK – it’s not this bad in some areas, and in a few it is even worse – if this mandatory recycling thing gets started here – they WILL eventually at least TRY to take it to this level – as a side-note – many communities in the UK are now doing away with many elements of this insanity.

    Food caddy for food waste. Collected weekly.

    Red box for metal and plastic. Collected weekly.

    Green box for glass and cardboard. Collected weekly.

    Blue box for paper, small appliances, batteries, textiles and clothing. Collected weekly.

    Brown-lid 240L wheelie bin for garden waste. Collected fortnightly, alternately with non-recyclables.

    Black-lid 180L wheelie bin for non-recyclables. Collected fortnightly, alternately with garden waste.

    That above was taken directly from Wikipedia and is the scheme of a typical community. I used it since it put it nice and succinctly (I could not have been as calm and direct about it) but I have lived it many times whilst in UK and it is a nightmare. One place I was staying was even worse than the above, I couldn’t even take the trash out without someone to give me assistance and direction. It was mind boggling and the garage was a nightmare of multi-colored bins.


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