Welcoming Ordinance so illegals can vote?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Governing should not be based on “feelings”, that’s why we have laws.  The local rag tried to make laws immaterial by profiling a family brought here to work for State Farm.  State Farm doesn’t need them anymore, so their visas are expiring.  They have two choices:  1)  go home  2) find another company who will sponsor them, even if it means moving.

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago mayor, wants his illegals to vote!

See this Chicago Tribune story:   http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/ct-met-rahm-emanuel-municipal-id-vote-20180216-story.html


“The Illinois Election Code requires the Board of Elections to accept current, valid photo identification cards and other local governmental documentation that includes an individual’s name and address, as proof of identity and residency,” Valencia’s letter reads in part. “The CityKey fits both of these requirements.”

Most aldermen voted in favor of the program, which is viewed in City Hall circles as a way for Emanuel to boost his standing with Hispanic voters and immigrant rights supporters as he preps a 2019 re-election bid.

City Council Latino Caucus Chairman Ald. Gilbert Villegas said he doesn’t foresee the municipal ID leading to widespread fraud.

“It’s not changing the state law, and there’s nothing stopping someone from getting a fake ID now and going to try to vote,” said Villegas, 36th.

Valencia’s letter notes that voters currently aren’t required to prove they are American citizens under state law. They simply must attest to their citizenship.

If a local Welcoming Ordinance ever passes, is this next?

More governing by feelings will demand it.






5 thoughts on “Welcoming Ordinance so illegals can vote?

  1. “Let’s be clear, issues such as healthcare, gay marriage, and the fiscal irresponsibility of state and federal government have no place directly in what we are trying to do here in Bloomington. There are very few ideological leaders who are successful in local politics, they don’t make it.” – Tari Renner, 2014

    “We have a moral obligation to stand up and do things and speak out…I’m talking about people who want to build a wall. The main point – we need to start talking about this in a broader sense.” Tari Renner, February 12, 2018

    Wonder why he changed his ideological and phylisophical ideas on this? I have to guess there is something in it for him….like votes or money.


  2. Well, as you well know, “Nudge” is their favorite strategy. It’s what they do, they drip drop and kill with a thousand paper cuts – Remember, you have to boil the frog SLOWLY, you have to weaken it until it has no strength to jump out. – That’s how the socialists ALWAYS accomplish their goals, it’s not as quick and over powering as flat out communist takeovers – they know people are on to that – they have to do it ever so gently and slowly – it’s how they operate. The first mistake is giving them an inch. BloNo has given them “inches” for YEARS now.

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  3. CLEAR as CLEAR can be! EVER wonder how a person like Hitler or Stalin came into power, or HOW the GULAGS of Russia continue to be be FEARED among the people? Simple, Give them rhetoric that they like, then as fast as you give it to them rip it out from under them like a bad carpet! SUBMISSION is the key, along with FEAR!
    Renner runs with his SCREAMING tantrums, and Koos with his “Well we won’t be UPTOWN anymore” rhetoric. ENOUGH of this money costing B.S.!
    We NEED patient LISTENERS with ability, competence and GOOD ideology to run our towns, and who DO NOT need some consultant? to stick an ideal in their cerebellum!


  4. Chicago officials are committing a felony by harboring illegal aliens, and yet the feds refuse to press charges. Bloomington officials think this is a good idea? Interesting.

    By the way, since Caterpillar is still undergoing restructuring, it does not need recently laid off State Farm employees nor the Indians brought over here on work visas.


  5. Rahm courts the black vote, then gives a few patronage jobs to them and craps of the rest of their community.
    Rahm needs the hispanic votes, then gives a few partonage jobs to them and craps on the rest of their community.
    History in Illinois.

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