Now that the Internet is back . . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

All day with no Internet!   It’s finally back.


The link below is a Letter to the Editor written by Jim Simeone:

The letter attempts to counter the letter written by Guy Fraker titled Renner’s Actions are Disgraceful:

The letter fails miserably at defending Renner, it mostly claims his antics were fine because he wanted to “move the process along”.  Guy Fraker called Renner’s behavior immature, embarrassing, and disgraceful.

Ol’e Jimmy failed to mention one thing in his letter.  He is a professor of Political Science at Illinois Wesleyan University, same department as Tari Renner!

It could be called cowardice on the part of at least one council member who pretended to support the Welcoming Ordinance and is now one of the five blocking the vote.  Jimmy should have taken that angle instead of pretending Renner’s childish tantrums were justified.


If you plan to attend the 2nd Amendment Rights Rally on Sunday and can’t think of something good to put on a sign – I’ve got lots of good ideas.  Bring a blank sign and markers and create it there!


Gary Grasso is 1000 times more qualified to be Illinois Attorney General than Erika Herald.  If you are voting in the GOP primary, he’s the obvious pick.  On the Democrat side, former governor Pat Quinn is running in the primary.   The GOP needs a candidate with experience and plans to fight corruption.  Grasso is the guy.


If you are delusional enough to think taking guns from law-abiding citizens will stop mass killings, read this story:

A man who claimed he wanted to kill disabled people left at least 19 dead and 26 others injured after a knife attack at a care facility in Japan.

Guns are just one tool some criminals choose to use, it’s not the only tool available.  Evil will always exist, the best defense is to be ready to defend yourself.

This sign can get you killed:


12 thoughts on “Now that the Internet is back . . . .

  1. Diane,

    I said I’d try to be at your rally. I also told you my wife Diane’s mom died which is why I’m back here.

    Ripley would look twice at this…..first her mom now yesterday her aunt! We are off to Shelbyville Sunday for that wake. Good luck Sunday, I hope no one tries to do your folks harm! When it rains……


  2. Tari and his people are like the Mafia! The corruption and incest knows no bounds. We need a web page naming names,their connection to The Godfather, conflicts of interests, and how they are profiting off the working poor and middle class. His friend writing an editorial supporting his toddler behavior is not surprising at all. Not in Our Town. His buddies in Economic Development. The Unions. Connect Transit. The Media. Downtown Business Association. And the consultants that tie it all together Farnsworth.

    See you Sunday. Bringing a friend, poster board, and markers. Mayor Koos’ brother can kiss my grits! I’m tired of this group of freedom haters stealing my damn liberty.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You really mean “incest?” How? Plus, complete sentences would help all of us help decipher your crazy rantings about Tari. You should read over your posts to make sure it doesn’t read like a crazy person posted it before you click on “post comments.” BTW, pretty sure Farnsworth is run by demons. I worked there for a while.


      1. Hey Dick. I did mean incest figuratively…they are all related, maybe not by blood, but in their corruption. They are screwing up the minds of young people everyday. If you can’t understand that I’m using periods for emphasis instead of commas that’s something we can disagree on. I’m flattered you took so much time to critique my post. When indictments start roling out I have a feeling the word “crazy person” won’t be used to describe me. The only people I know who goes to the word “crazy” to describe another human being are abusers. Are you an abuser? Maybe guilty of something? I’m don’t care what you think about me or my writing. I am however concerned about your fake name and your government job. I mean there could be political repercussions for you!


  3. I will try to be there… this whole gun thing is just so incredible… Its like a circus with people who want to save me from myself – When you grow up in a rural area like I did… watching these folks go on and on about getting rid of guns… it’s just silly… we are not giving up our guns…So find another way to keep crazy people from doing bad things please. Americans are not giving up any of their gun rights… end of story.


    1. Maybe protesting against gun use should be taken away too. People have been known to be killed at demonstrations.


  4. The IWU professor doesn’t have his facts straight. He must be parroting Renner’s interpretation of “reality.” The video of the meeting at the BCPA clearly shows what the Council members wanted—further discussion. They were not ready to vote. Renner put the item on the Consent agenda anyway. The Council members pulled the item because Renner sidestepped the Council wishes. As per Renner’s usual behavior, he threw a hissy fit and ranted in the media. He was the one who brought up the issue during Mayoral comment. Renner’s behavior shows a pattern of abuse. This incident was not an isolated one as Renner’s colleague presents in the letter to the editor.


    1. “A pattern of abuse”…YES!!!! That is exactly what is and has been happening for years. I’ll admit when I go make Public comment and call council members out I’m well aware that a few have been so gaslighted by Renner and Hales they really don’t understand the actual reality they/we are living in. Sometimes the way to get a person out of the fog of abuse is to say their name loudly and tell them the truth in a way that scares them and changes something in their brain chemistry. Sometimes putting light into the darkness shows some ugly and scary stuff. Diane does it every day. We are way past talking stick time, it’s time for serious action. March 20 will be a start.


  5. I told my ex to make sure he voted in the primary and his comment was I never do it doesn’t make a difference. Well after I educated him about this critical upcoming election and gave him a list he decided he would go and vote. Time to let everyone know your vote does count. Just remember what happened in Normal and we ended up with Koos again.

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