Courtesy of the Progressives:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday a lot people rallied in downtown Bloomington to force government to limit 2nd Amendment rights.

Tonight the radicals are rallying to force a vote on protecting people living in Bloomington illegally.  They will show up at Council tomorrow night.

One of these radicals is raising money to move to a new Ward so she can run for Bloomington City Council:

The Democrat candidate for governor who won Bloomington last Tuesday was Daniel Biss – FAR left radical.

Another far left winger defeated an incumbent for the County Board.

Monday Tari Renner will laud the greatness of a City employee for a communication award she received – even though she works in HR:

Real Change?  Like this:

Martin Luther King’s dream that all people would be judged on the content of their character is dead.  

See the website here, check out who is on the Board too:

Most work at ISU, home of micro-aggressions.

Where is this going?

Connect Transit.

In February they had revenue of $127,170.84.

Expenses were:


If there is any good news, 2018 revenue was higher and expenses were lower.  Fixed Route passengers per hour decreased though.

Only good progressives would believe that losing $855,739.08 in one month is a responsible use of money they stole from hard-working Americans.

Congrats Bloomington – your town is now full of them.

See Connect’s February reports here:









  1. The marchers all over the country want gun control. So do 78% of Americans.

    The counter protest was rather poorly attended here as well as nationwide.

    Thanks as always for your work Diane.

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  2. @tweetiebird says:

    Jenn didn’t meet her goal of $1,000. The go-fund-me site is closed.


  3. As usual, the fury of the anti-gunners, and that is really what they are, is fueled by ignorance and knee-jerk emotional reactions. Not all of them, but a good number of them will SAY “Nobody wants to take your precious guns” but if you grill them a little you will find that indeed that would make a good number of them happy as little clams – that or leave law abiding people the option of maybe a Cricket 1 shot bolt action .22 rifle, a double barreled shot gun and maybe a 2 shot Derringer. I can’t understand why they can’t seem to understand that bad guys do not obey laws.


  4. black armed guard says:

    I do find the local Black Lives Matter group amusing. They totally sold out local Black people and betrayed them by not keeping the focus on issues important to black people. They have decided instead to serve old white hippes and misguided middle class white people who use BLM for their own political purposes on local and national issues.


  5. At the time of the Sandy Hook shootings, Connecticut was one of 3 Sttates with the strictest gun control laws. In Florida, the State and Federal agencies failed in their responsibilities. Blaming mental illness simply increases the stigma associated with the disease. The young men involved in the mass shootings at the schools came from troubled backgrounds—unstable homes. They were outcasts in there school and community.

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    • However I would like to add many of these “lone gun nuts” were on prescription SSRI’s, of which it takes the mind to command the finger to pull the trigger. (Explanation provided for liberals.) Also what is very obvious is the lack of investigation for these events. Usually the official story quickly comes out that they’ve found their shooter who is now dead, case closed. We never get any video, opposing commentaries are buried, massive security failures, evidence is destroyed, etc. There’s more going on here than what the official story proclaims.


      • However, SSRIs are used to treat depression and anxiety. One is more likely to kill oneself than another when severely depressed. If one takes the medication as prescribed, the symptoms should be controlled. Monitoring by a psychiatrist is necessary. The patient is not to just stop taking the medication without consultation because of the detrimental effects. Additionally, SSRIs are prescribed like candy by General Practitioners with little or no follow up. Misuse of prescription drugs, not necessarily mental illness, is more of a culprit.
        Don’t want to start an argument. There are evil people with antisocial tendencies who are responsible. Not guns or mental illness. Their actions are unpredictable. In Illinois,, someone with any history of mental illness cannot get a FOID card.


  6. Bob Werkman says:

    These same people think that by having a welcoming “sanctuary” city that the bad illegal people that are committing crimes will stop committing their crimes because of no fear of being deported. Kathryn Steinle would be alive today were it not for a sanctuary city that allowed a known bad person to be set free rather than being held for deportation. These bad people are being set free and they roam among us, how sad that we have to wait for them to murder one of our loved ones before they are removed from our country. Make your feelings known Bloomington residents before it is too late. It is unfortunate that our wonderful Governor has already set the stage.

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  7. It’s NOT more gun control that we need, it’s better CRIMINAL control!
    You only need to READ the local Pantagraph for ONE week and find at LEAST one person with a gun arrested and NOT having a FOID card..
    I just can’t understand WHY the Sign waving, left wing, gun control knuckleheads CANNOT comprehend this!!!


    • They have very poor comprehension skills, I have found this to be true no matter what medium is used to TRY and educate them. Those doubly afflicted with TDS along with their gun hysteria (and that is the majority of the anti-gunners) are doubly affected and completely unable to process any factual information at all.


  8. #pawsw/claws says:

    One of the protesters marching in downtown Bloomimgton was reported in WBJC online as saying that the 2nd Amendment needs to be changed or removed. So, don’t say that the protesters don’t want to ban guns and only want better gun control laws.


  9. BN Deserves Better says:

    (Dis)Connect Transit will never come close to breaking even….and they don’t even care and never will. Like almost all politically -motivated and funded programs, it will be supported in perpetuity despite how illogical, impractical, and economically reckless it is. Koos and Renner are protecting their cronies that work there and who vote for big government (and your money) every election.


  10. My intention is not to argue (Skunk) only to encourage more open talk about the mainstream success of quelling the investigations of these “mass shooting” events that are have been taking place in recent years, I suppose beginning with Sandy Hook of which using the children to raise more curiosity, concern, moms demand action. As eye witnesses frequently note seeing multiple shooters and other assorted data that is buried, mainstream media reports, changes, lies about what really happened to further the agendas of controlling and disarming We The People.


    • Agreed, mudd. Guns are targeted as at fault without consideration of other factors. Getting the truth from government and the media is laughable.


  11. Bob Werkman says:

    Just left the welcoming city group that met downtown, one gentleman came over to read my sign obviously did not agree with me but complimented me for standing up for my beliefs. It is all about votes our illustrious mayor could not make it to the second amendment gathering but he sure was at this gathering. I guess supporting illegal actions mean more to him than our constitutional rights.


    • @tweetiebird says:

      Renner admitted at a Council meeting that his support of the Welcoming Ordinance is a result of his personal dislike of President Trump’s view of illegal immigrants. Trump follows the law. Renner, not so much.


  12. I am guessing many of you did not listen or watch a complete speech by any of the new voters also called students. If you could take the time and find complete speeches you might be informed of their positions are not related to banning assault or as some call them guns of war. But about mental health which for me is the key issue that needs addressed. For it is the brain and how it works, can be fixed, and is the key part of mental illness that needs the same focus as putting a man on the moon that would have the most benefit to us as humans. C-span is the channel I saw and learned how articulate, fact driven and passion the future of our country were. Even if you disagree with someone not taking the time to listen and understand their perspective will never lead to the solutions needed in immigration reform, all our safety, JOBS and a better country that both parties need us to be divisive to keep the BIG money that runs our country from going to DC. We do need to end all lobbyists and start like these students lobbying for real conversation with real solutions that WORK.


    • sticky bean says:

      These kids have been all over the media for weeks and I don’t need to hear any more from them to see that their youthful thoughts lack the wisdom of experience. Do a net search on the foul mouthed (Children of the [Parkland] Corn) leader, David Hogg cussing and riduculing his own parents while doing an interview. Yeah there’s movement with a message. Spoiled, rotten brat that needs a spanking. And yes, they do want to ban guns except for possesion by the military, the authorities and of course their hypocritical leaders that travel with armed guards. The mental issue although interesting will be exploited through vague legislation that allows firearm confiscation based on minor circumstances without due process. I would suggest that you review the history of the real world and attempt to grasp the need for the 2nd Amendment of which gives the rest of the Constituion teeth.


      • What Sticky bean said. I have listened to these brats and that’s what they are brats I have also looked into them as to their career choices and college choices etc. Far leftist little brats both of the main mouthpieces anyway. I find it a bit interesting that Gonzalez buzzed her hair just recently as if prepping for her new role and no I am not saying they are crisis actors just that a LOT of stuff does not ring right with these two. Hogg is cocky, arrogant, foul mouthed and well rehearsed. Gonzalez is relishing her new found fame as the gender fluid angry female counterpart, the proud Hispanic who doesn’t even speak Spanish (which I find ridiculous when she easily could living in Florida) They have been coached to SAY that they are not wanting to take everyone’s guns that’s what the front people are always supposed to say, but I guarantee you these two would be fine with that, just fine, as long as THEY were part of the protected elite.


  13. “Gonzalez is relishing her new found fame as the gender fluid angry female ” Proudly displaying a Cuban flag on her jacket.

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    • That too, she should consider returning to her ancestral homeland, and if she becomes displeased about something she can organize a march there.


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