College Free Speech Lawsuit

By:  Diane Benjamin

I just found a story proving people are tired of University tactics to silence free speech.  A lawsuit was filed against the University of Michigan Tuesday:

The lawsuit, filed by the nonprofit civil rights group Speech First, alleges that the university’s apparatus to investigate incidents reported as bias and enforce disciplinary measures creates a chilling effect for free expression on the campus.



“Speech codes like Michigan’s flagrantly violate the First Amendment,” Speech First President Nicole Neily said in a statement. “Moreover, a bias response system has no place in America, much less on a modern-day college campus. Because it’s impossible to know what comments might be ‘perceived’ by others as offensive, students don’t contribute to conversations and debates, ask questions, write papers, or invite speakers they might otherwise.”

“A student who voices a controversial or unpopular opinion—or who seeks to use humor, parody, or satire when discussing sensitive topics—could face severe punishment up to and including expulsion if even one other student perceives that speech to be ‘demeaning’ or ‘bothersome,’ the lawsuit says. “Put differently, students must be certain before speaking that their words will not be perceived as offensive by even the most sensitive student on campus.”


ISU has policies that prohibit legally protected speech according to this website:

Micro aggression policies shut down free speech.  The assault on free speech by calling it tolerance and diversity has resulted in a ban on free speech on college campuses.

Parents need to check schools on website before they send their kids off to diversity hell.  Type the school name in SEARCH to see if they have a report.






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