Where “Welcoming Ordinances” are leading

By:  Diane Benjamin

We have a blueprint for the future.  Just look at Sanctuary State California.

The Trust Act made Illinois a sanctuary state, Chicago declared itself a sanctuary city.  The “Welcoming Ordinance” Normal passed is just short of that, but the local open borders activists aren’t going to stop there.  Progressives never stop.

Did you know:

Knowingly employing illegal aliens is a federal crime: the law authorizes penalties of up to six months’ imprisonment and a $3000 fine for each alien involved

How are the local illegals supporting themselves?

In San Francisco illegals are allowed to vote in school board elections:   https://www.redding.com/story/opinion/columnists/2018/03/05/non-citizens-start-voting-california/389255002/

But that’s not the latest news:

A bill is winding through the legislature called the “California Inclusion Act.”  This bill would make it legal for any alien to serve in government in any appointed position.

That means the assistant State’s Attorney could be illegal.  A City Manager could be here illegally.  Every appointed position in government could be filled with people in this country illegally.

California may make federal Law against employing illegal aliens immaterial.  Of course the feds may have a response.

Source:    https://immigrationreform.com/2018/05/15/californias-next-lawless-step-illegal-aliens-in-public-office/


Serving in public office means exercising sovereignty.  It means taking decisions to enforce and impose the potentially heavy-handed power of government on other people, citizens and non-citizens alike.  It’s part of why we limit serving on juries to citizens (although California has had its issues with that, too).  The California Government Code even still, perhaps surprisingly, defines “the people” within the meaning of state law as only including citizens.  But SB 174 is one more step in the direction of making the meaning of the word “citizenship” in California mean nothing. In California’s upside-down world, American citizenship might already fairly be called a detriment, while it’s the illegal aliens who are the ones shrouded in all sorts of benefits and privileges, and now, with this bill, they could effectively be ruling over citizens.

Community organizers never stop.  They will take success wherever they can find it, but they never stop.  Normal fell into their “inclusive” trap.  Tari Renner claims the Bloomington City Council will vote in June on their ordinance.  They should have learned from the Police Review Board (PSCRB), whatever they pass will never be good enough.

More Quotes:

SB 174 specifically says it doesn’t make illegal aliens eligible for elected office, but at this rate, it’s not much of a stretch to see that coming next.

The situation is now disturbingly easy to sum up: “California Can’t Stop Passing Laws To Shield Illegal Aliens.”  But overreach always provokes a response, and at some point, hopefully even the people of California will decide they’ve had enough with this kind of foolishness.

Have the locals had enough?








5 thoughts on “Where “Welcoming Ordinances” are leading

  1. At this point in time, I can see us being stupid enough to allow someone from ANYWHERE in the world the right to be placed on a ballot ANYWHERE in the United States. They would even be allowed to submit their ballot petitions using THEIR neighbor’s signatures. If by happy chance there were six people who abrogated their responsibilities to vote, and stayed home that day, they might be elected to a town council somewhere.

    Everyone in the world is a citizen of the United States!

    That is the trajectory of where we are going. Citizenship becomes another meaningless word in the land where ‘the rule of law’ prevails – made so by the law; made so by the government that confiscates your labor and property off the top like some mob operation.

    Anarchist have no choice but to laugh and mock such nonsense, all while knowing that it is we who are called insane and unrealistic.


  2. Well, one BENEFIT might be that MAYBE Tari would get replaced! Maybe a few council folks also… Just a thought…


  3. just wait till the welcome ordinance bring in such wonderful citizens as MS13 . if you read the real conservative sights (not CNN) you will know what happens when MS13 comes in! Let them vote… sure Tari cant wait till he declares himself mayor forever. with illegals allowed in only their votes will count. my question is how BLM is going to react when the illegals get more than they do? free college free welfare, free hospital free food will all go away from the black community in blono and tari’s and koos’s new friends will get all . as for the taxpayers to hell with you all you just pay taxes and keep mouths shut.


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