Normal’s short meeting Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Besides the usual subsidies to Connect Transit, and the Economic Development Council, and payments to the National League of Cities and International City/County Management Assoc, Rivian got their grounds taken care of by you:

Other business:

PDF page 77 and following:

Coming to Uptown as requested by Stave (I’ve never heard of them either), parklet dining:

One example of what it might look like:

This will be the most exciting thing on the agenda unless you enjoy a public hearing on the vacation of an alley to ISU.  Also discussed will be approving the plans for “The Park”.  85 units will be in 13 buildings on 4.76-acres.  It complies with the Comprehensive plan, that’s all that matters.  See PDF page 73 for more info.

The rest of the meeting looks like it will be rubber stamped.








8 thoughts on “Normal’s short meeting Monday

  1. Stave:
    European style except in Europe the cafes are usually not on roads with automobile traffic and if they are have concrete pillars and/or iron grill-work barriers. Wood and steel cables do not provide much protection for customers.
    The City will be constructing and removing the barriers seasonally at taxpayer expense for the benefit of the chosen business? What liability would the Town have if there is vehicular contact with the patrons?

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    1. As one who has spent time in Europe and UK and sitting outside cafes, coffeehouses etc. well… that above is NOT it, if indeed they are trying to appropriate European culture, they are not doing it well. Are they allowing smoking outside or is that verboten outside as well in the People’s Republic of Urbana?


  2. Good observation Tweetie! As MANY of the streets in Europe are barely wide enough for a SMALL car, let alone 2 cars or a BIG patio.
    85 units on 5 acres, that’s a pretty high population density.. Assuming 2 or even 4 people per unit. MAybe they should LOWER the price of those “UPTOWN” condos so students can “experience” the city life!


  3. Removing free parking spaces? No worries, the town has empty parking garages that will gladly charge you money to park. Haha! In all seriousness, does the Town of Normal know that there’s more to the community they serve than Uptown? Same with the City of Bloomington, which spends countless hours whining about and micromanaging Downtown.


  4. Comparing the U of I and ISU is extremely shoddy logic. They are two totally different cultures. Since Uppity Town couldn’t support Merry Ann’s and U of I has three… what does that tell you?


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