Like Debt?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this story from December 2, 2017

Bond payments look like they are made twice a year.

On the agenda for Monday night:  Interest payments of $1,541,388.73

In December the interest payments totaled $1,628,761.92

That’s a decrease of $87,373.19

Total debt is decreasing slowly – it was $92,320,992 at the end of March 2017.  We won’t know what it was as of 3/31/2018 for a while yet.  (Guess by looking at principal paid last December and last June)

Note:  On some of these bonds no principal was paid now or last December.

Principal payments here total $1,360,000




  1. There is NO reason a city of this size with GOOD MANAGEMENT should have debt.
    Attn: Hales, Tari, Painter, Hauman, Buragrass , Sage, et, al.
    WE SHOULD have a surplus with GOOD management and as well we SHOULD have
    Good streets, FREE garbage pickup, good parks, free parking and QUALITY of life. ALL of which has been PROMISED to us by the current yokels
    but NOT delivered… ACTIONS speak louder then words..


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