Normal Tossing Money (Yours!)

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal bills for Monday night:

 When your property taxes go up Monday:

You will be told the cost of other people’s retirements went up:

The real reason is the debt Normal has incurred building utopia.

Look at all the INTEREST payments below in Monday’s packet.  They total  $1,628,761.92.

It gets even worse when the interest payments from last June are included:

Add another $1,481,554.53

Total $3,110,315.50

As of 3/31/2017 the total debt was $92,320,992. SOURCE

Other spending:

IML is the Illinois Municipal League, an organization who doesn’t feel the need to file tax returns.  More information HERE

NLC is the National League of Cities-indoctrination central for learning “progressive” spending.

Looks like more MUMS spending.  Add that to $16,225 from this meeting:  HERE

I wonder if this is how the Trustees handle their personal finances?  Or does this happen because they know spending doesn’t matter when they can slam through tax increases when needed.

Note the Marriott payment of $2,047.59.  Since it’s labeled “Planning”, I’m thinking this is the cost for holding the most likely illegal executive session last August.  SOURCE  Since that meeting took place in August I don’t know why the bill is only being paid now.  Maybe they planned some more in secret!

Let me know if you get a Christmas Card.

9 thoughts on “Normal Tossing Money (Yours!)

  1. As of 3/31/2017 the total debt was $92,320,992 – that is a lot of money! Wow! In what century will that be paid off? Looks like someone borrowed a lot of money for a small town? Oh well… the economy is booming and ISU enrollments are… Oh yes… I forgot… the economy is in decline – State Farm is beginning what will be a major downsizing and ISU has begun to follow all the other state colleges and have a decline in enrollments. I bet that new auto maker will be able to save the day? I bet they are up to like 15 employees now… Speaking of the car maker – we still have not seen a car? Where is their car? I don’t want to be negative but most car makers have some type of example of what they are going to make… and of course no real car makers need to have their grass mowed and their snow removed by the city they are located in.


  2. WOWZER! This is really insane. Yet as a Bloomington resident I feel totally helpless to stop my Council from following Normal. It’s almost as if Normal mentored Bloomington Council on how to best rob the citizens and create apathy by holding events at the “city center” that were labeled as community involvement. I feel sick!


  3. Lawrence: It’s ALL TOP SECRET! If you go out by the old MMMA plant you’ll see not one but TWO security cars patrolling the perimeter, so the prototypes MUST be very hush-hush. WHY just the other day the two of them were stopped @ the VERY north end where the fences come together and both standing outside their cars, probably figuring out WHICH way a prototype thief infiltrator fled-probably from TESLA?? Or reporting an un mowed part of the place!


    1. OK… I understand now… I guess there is nothing to worry about then? There is something that is bugging me… they promised to invest $40 million in the plant… now since I used to work at the plant, I know how much money is needed to retool a plant for a new model. Let me remind everyone that the entire plant is set up for one specific platform only and changing things is not easy or cheap. Well anyway… $750 million is a common for this kind of thing in the industry. So Koos and company actually believed that anyone can mass produce cars in a plant that needs a complete retooling for 40 million dollars? Who would buy this kind of story?


      1. Idiots like Koos and those idiots of his regime would buy this kind of a story. But you knew that. Just humoring myself to ease the pain.


  4. Happy to clear things up for you Lawrence. And what’s 3/4 of a billion to UPTOWN, why they’re SO FLUSH with money, they’ll probably be mowing ALL the businesses in UPTOWN in a few years, what with ALL the money RIVIAN will be cranking out, We’ll ALL get tax cuts, Koos will have his own Lear jet, UPTOWN will be the envy of Sunset boulevard and well, I just CANNOT imagine ALL the happy things that all that cash will bring! Heck, the per capita income may reach over $100K a year! And gas will be 35 cents a gallon again. OH CRAP, who woke me up!


    1. You know when I came here to go to school in 1970 there was a gas war going on and gas was 17.9 cents a gallon. Yes Townie you were definitely dreaming because the real world resembles a nightmare. 92 million is debt for a small town like Normal? If the voters had any sense and really understood what Koos and company have done to their town, it would be impossible for our leaders to be out in public; because people would be booing and cornering them in the grocery stores or on the street to tell them what they think of them.


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