Why is the Chamber running ads?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local Chamber of Commerce is running radio ads claiming they help local businesses.

What does it take to make a business successful?

It’s pretty easy, businesses needs products people want and people with the money to buy them.  It also needs government not hindering the ability of both parties to make the exchange.

If the McLean County Chamber of Commerce really cared about local businesses, why would their Chamber PAC endorse Tari Renner and Chris Koos in the last election?

It was nice of them to leave the website up from last April:    https://www.mcleancochamber.org/advocacy/political-action-committee

These are the candidates they endorsed:

For Bloomington, Mathy had virtually no history and Bray had zero.  Renner and Black had an extensive history of tax increases and government control.

In Normal, Cummings had no history.  All the others are either in lock step with Koos or mostly so.

The PAC ran non-stop radio ads before the election promoting these people.  Obviously the Chamber thinks government creates prosperity by taxing and spending.

Exactly the opposite is true.

I know a few businesses owners are not renewing their memberships in the Chamber of Commerce.  Nothing will stop the Chamber from supporting those who abuse taxpayers faster than businesses that quit paying dues.  Is that the reason for the ads?

The membership directory is available here:    https://www.mcleancochamber.org/members/member-directory 

I wonder if these businesses know they are being used.  When taxes are constantly raised in both Bloomington and Normal, the citizens have less money to spend at the Chamber member businesses.

The Chamber supported candidates known to endlessly tax.

Connect the dots – they are openly working against their members.  Why would any business join?






7 thoughts on “Why is the Chamber running ads?

  1. Maybe this has something to do with this news story? The lapdog radio media (their owners) are in trouble. Where would the establishment be without their parroting media? Radio and newspapers are part of the 20th Century and dying. It is a new world and Chamber doesn’t want to see them go. So lets throw them some ad revenue…It makes the Chamber look like they are doing something when we all know they are actually doing nothing.


  2. MCCC, not unlike those they support, do not care about businesses. They care about a political agenda and if citizens would start paying attention to actions rather than the narrative that politicians spout we could wake up and do everything possible to overthrow this regime. I suggest boycotting any business that is a member of the MCCC. Seriously. Money is Action. MCCC is a pay to play scheme.


  3. The Chamber is irrelevant in the digital age, as Lawrence451 suggested. It’s my understanding that they support the candidates that are inevitable. Basically, the wait to see who is polling best and put their chips on those people. There are some folks inside both the Chamber and EDC that despise Tari and Koos, but they’re out-numbered and afraid to speak out publicly for fear of backlash. I think both mayor’s offices will be up for grabs next election due to the fallout from State Farm downsizing and record debt. Let’s continue to remind our friends, family, and neighbors that the Chamber and local politicians have been covering up and avoiding addressing the State Farm disaster. Horrific leadership!


  4. Great point.  Why does the Chamber PAC always support the tax and spend liberals that will tax the businesses and their customers to the point where they have to buy based mostly on price at big box stores and the internet?  And uses the established stores’ taxes to subsidize new stcommores that will have a competitive cost advantage.R


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