More on Judy Valente

By:  Diane Benjamin

This article must be read first:

h/t another reader

Bio from:

Judy writes what appear to be self-help spirituality books. Click the link above to see the titles.

Any further comment appears unnecessary.


13 thoughts on “More on Judy Valente

  1. From her twitter page she appears to be a “I’m with her” Hillary Clinton liberal who would hate President Trump if he pulled her out of a burning building. I think it may be “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that is causing her to act rodeo goat crazy? Who threatens to call the police chief when they get stopped for minor violations? Besides of course entitled elites with more power and money than brains, I guess?

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    1. This has nothing to do with Trump, being a liberal, or any other political issue. She’s just appears to be a person who feels she is entitled, probably because her husband is a judge. People act funny for the most unusual reasons when they are stopped by police.


  2. Unbelievable the arrogance and self importance can make one laugh if they didn’t think they were so much better than the rest.what a hypocrite in her behavior vs her books.


  3. “religion AND ethics” TWO things that she OBVIOUSLY lacks, but yet she’s speaks as an authority on them! WHAT a bunch of Monkey shines! This just goes to PROVE what I’ve believed as of late. NPR USED to report fair and EQUAL news, but with this kind of lemming crap on the radar it just TOTALLY destroys ANY credibility they have!
    maybe she can do a story on the profitability of Green Top on Monday! And Tuesday will be ETHICS in the NPR radio system. Wed will be on the likability of the mayor of Bloomington , Thur will will be the profitability of UPTOWN spending $100 MILLION to make AMERICA GREAT (geez did I say that) and round it out with friday on
    The FINE job that BOTH city councils are doing! HAVE another toke before listening!
    She MIGHT be able to help ya out with the latter!


  4. I watched most of the video of her getting pulled over. I just read the article above regarding her bio. All I say is, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!


  5. Disgusting! Just Disgusting. Someone needs to let every one she writes for know this is who they have preaching!


  6. Kinda reminds one of a Kennedy at that bad lake where the road ends, and MAry JO drowned..
    OH WAIT! I didn’t destroy ALL those mails. They’re just lost! H.C.


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