McLean County GOP News Release

Press Release:   10/1/18

Statement by Connie Beard, Chairman McLean County Republicans.

“It has been brought to my attention through various sources that Ms. Nikita Richards, Democratic candidate for McLean County Clerk, appeared at a local congregation and during her campaign presentation accused Kathy Michael of breaking the law by delaying the start of early voting.  Ms. Richard’s statement is a bold lie that cannot be allowed to stand. A video tape made of the presentation provides the proof. The link for the section referred to is provided below.

Both the Bloomington Election Commission and the County Clerk’s office had to delay the start of early voting due to the needed time by the court to decide on the referendum issue. I am calling on Ms. Richards to issue a public statement both to withdraw her outrageous charges and to publicly apologize to Ms. Michael for these false accusations which also include charges of mishandling early ballots. There is no evidence nor any credence to this falsehood. To casually toss out accusations of criminal conduct without proof, or anything at all to substantiate the claims, is the worst kind of campaign practice.  Please review the second link of additional video proof of the false charges.

I credit BLN News for being the first to release this story and providing the proof of Ms. Richard’s lies.   It is difficult for candidates to focus on issues that are the core of their service to the public when the opposition relies on defamation of character as part of their campaign strategy.

We will see if Ms. Richards will respect voters enough to apologize for the abuse of the electoral process and the slander that she has committed.”

Connie Beard


McLean County Republicans

P.O. Box 1776

Bloomington, IL 61702


20 thoughts on “McLean County GOP News Release

  1. Well why don’t you write about the fact that Michael’s use and apparent destruction of a lap top has been handed to the state’s attorney?


      1. Again, Michael’s use and apparent destruction of a lap top has been handed over to the state’s attorney and could be handed to special prosecutor. It’s YOU who is wrong.


      2. Chances are, Micheals did nothing wrong – but, IF there was ‘tampering” or deliberate destruction, Hillary and her little posse have already shown us that that is perfectly ok to do that and a completely acceptable response to requests by authorities for the said devices. So, what’s the big deal?

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    1. So you want the Chicago machine’s diversity darling who is unqualified and a liar? Once again she is #1 Campaigning in a church #2 Telling outrages lies and falsehoods about her opponent in a church

      I would bet money that you are a believer in the Crazy Ford lady and Judge Kavanagh should go to jail for a rape based on NO evidence right?

      I sense Trump Derangement Syndrome…. Foxyriver…. get help before you are wearing a hood and beating people up who disagree with you. #Walkaway before it is too late!


    2. Got news for you…. your diversity darling is not going to be elected here in “our town” …. get used to it…. oh and the blue wave you are waiting on? Get ready for the Red Tsunami… We are holding the House and reelecting Trump in 2020. Deal with it… MAGA


    3. Tell you what FoxyRiver, I’ll write that article and you turn the church into the IRS for violating their terms on campaigning in a church. You first, provide proof and writing the article will be the next thing that I do.


  2. Here is the truth. Nikita’s platform is to be the first Democratic socialist, woman of color to be elected in Central Illinois. Her platform also includes creating an appointed partisan election commission to oversee voting in McLean County.
    Just speak the truth, Nikita and let the voters decide.


  3. Seems like the “blogger” might be an investigative journalist? Good for you, Diane…. Congratulations for another expose’ on Nikita and her dishonest campaign. Looks like the McLean County GOP appreciates what you are doing.


  4. Nikita back on Monday night 10 o’clock news spewing the same lies. Tari’s “Deceive to Achieve” strategy has run it’s course Nikita and it’s not going to work for you. Everyone is tired of the cry babies, red wave a comin’.


  5. Just as a side note – People who push early voting (the earlier the better) are those who fully believe that voters do not need to be fully informed, and over the years it has become quite apparent that it is the Dems who are ALWAYS pushing for it, – Why? Because they LIKE their voters to be ignorant of the issues, ignorant of what is REALLY going on – they just want them “up off those sofas” and voting Democrat. They want that D vote done and delivered before any “last minute” reality might come to light. In fact I think they would like it a lot of when a person registers to vote they could just auto-vote straight democrat – I truly believe they would find that fine and dandy, because the Ds like to believe they OWN you and don’t you DARE stray off the plantation and find out what is REALLY going on. I “walked away” about 10 years ago after about three decades of voting nearly straight Democrat. I also THOUGHT I was fairly informed, but alas I was dumb as a rock, misinformed, uninformed and ill-informed. The old joke is true – Puppies are all born Democrats but as soon as they open their eyes they leave the Democratic party. Unless you are part of the Demo cabal and/or fancy yourself one of the “elite” you can simply NOT support the current crop of Democrats unless your eyes are solidly shut. By the way, I’m not really a solid R either but I do know the difference in right and wrong and will call out “Rs” who are “wrong” as well, it’s just that bad apple Rs seem to be far fewer these days than the “bad apple” Dems. For maybe the FIRST time in my life I will be voting straight republican in November, except maybe I will vote for Jesse White.


      1. That actually doesn’t surprise me, he is getting up there, he’s 84. It’s sort of a sentimental vote, my mom knew him personally and always said he was a good man, even if he is a democrat.


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