Amber Buck has Mikey


By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night Amber decided to show up at Mikey’s house with the police and take him.  Armed with Judge Hill’s order giving her temporary custody, she succeeded.  No Massachusetts court has given her permission to leave the state with Mikey, that could change today.   Meanwhile, Michael Cadena is still in jail.

I wish the video below hadn’t stopped.  Mikey was taken to another room and separated from the Cadena family and friends.  I’m told he was screaming.  Amber posted pictures on Facebook last night trying to show Mikey thrilled to be with her.

Sheriff Sandage informed me yesterday they will send a private prisoner transport to bring Michael Cardena back.  The taxpayers of McLean County will pay that bill and for the cost of housing him in the county Jail for 6 months.

Meanwhile with an extensive arrest record for more than just meth manufacturing, Amber walks around only on probation.  You can look up her history here:

At the same link look up Jacob C Laws – 10 years for meth production.  Amber’s co-defendant only got 3.

Look up Shawn Michael Castleman – 18 years.

Melysa Nicole Coffin – 4 years

Even with previous guilty pleas for cannabis manufacturer/delivery, Amber gets probation.  Keep in mind the charges for endangering her children were dropped.

The lady in the video is a friend of the family.  Mikey clearly says he doesn’t want to stay at “her” house.


30 thoughts on “Amber Buck has Mikey

  1. This is the worst news ever. My heart breaks for little Mikey. The Bucks must be powerful people to have pulled this off. Positively despicable.


    1. Meth money. Right lawyer. Lying manipulative woman. And no one hearing out the 4 year old, probably because too young. But also sometimes bias.


  2. As my blood boils, I ask, has Amber been found fit by the mclean county court? If not, she should not have the child. If she is fit, the law supports her. If she has been found fit-I don’t understand the mclean county court!
    It appears that fair and equal justice under the law is not honored in this court. I am revolted by this action!

    Can someone answer this question???


  3. This poor little boy. The abusr continues as he is taken from his safe enviroment and placed in to the hand of an evil monster once again ordered by another evil monster while the world has to sit back and watch while there is nothing anyone can do because money from the monsters parents ruled here. Mclean county has become so corrupt its no wonder peopoe are leaving! I am praying for this boy and for God to intervene as He is a much higher power then judge Hill and amber buck and her crooked lawyer and family.


      1. Please don’t forget that when he left he thought he had every right to do so after notifying his then-Attorney and conversing with former caseworkers.


  4. Ambers friends keep bringing up the father’s arrest record but, he wasn’t caught with it in the house dealing or manufacturing like she was where the police bust in with a search warrant and no abuse allegations to my knowledge..Seems he quit on his own for his son once again, unlike her..I feel sorry for this child and her other children also..Seems she only gets help from her parents due to the kids is the impression i get from the emails i read..


  5. Lots and lots of prayer is needed and I hope someone has started a go fund me account for him. Thanks Diane for keeping us posted on this very important story. Readers this again is a very good reason why we should not allow judges to remain in office for lifetimes


    1. Yeah that’s right!!!! Yeah I’m sure she has already slapped him a few times already, someone needs to get that baby out fast!!


  6. Illinois don’t usually extradite for charges like this..My ex was on Crimestoppers drug charges residential burglary and a few other warrants and mclean wouldn’t bring him back when he was caught.I forgot to mention the failure to appear out of Tazewell also..Another state picked him up and mclean let him go with all those felony charges plus on probation.Something just isn’t sitting well with me about them bringing this father back

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  7. How the heck could she be found fit with her history and lack of rehabilitation? I have admired Judge Fitzgerald in the past.


  8. When Mikey is harmed again is this poor excuse for a human judge hill going to be held accountable? She will leave illinois upon her retitrment as her life would be miserable here im sure.


  9. No child is that terrified to go home with their mother if it’s not a scary situation. This video made me sob watching Mikey’s reaction to the news he was going home with his mom. I truly hope the police officers make their presence known and keep that child safe. He has already had a hard life and he’s just a little boy. My heart is broken that this was allowed to happen. Poor sweet baby doesn’t deserve this life.

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  10. The trauma that this kid has endured will be with him for a long long time. Even in the best of circumstances, this kid will have ongoing problems. This kid has been failed by his extended family and the court system. Shame on you mcLean county. You did have a history of concerned judges and asa’s in the past, but that does not appear to be the case now. Sorry situation!


  11. Broke my heart watching his reaction that he was going back to his mother! The fear and confusion this boy must feel right now. Shame on the court system, Shame on the mother and her family, Shame on us as a society for not being more involved!!! This young man will be so traumatized not only now but into adulthood, the system is screwed up instead of leaving the child with the fathers mother until this could get resolved they rip him away from the normalcy and but him into the unknown. Has anyone been to the mothers home to see her situation, she is on probation for drugs she and her past boyfriends abusive towards this child SOME ONE NEEDS to step in ASAP.


  12. McLean county used to have a reputation of protecting the child first, now??? What happened to having balls? If there has been influence by the relatives of amber with political pull, we should be ashamed of our county court officers.


  13. Soon we’ll see a story saying that Mikey is dead, and there will be tears and apologies from the court system. Too bad, they will have failed to protect him.

    People who abuse children don’t deserve custody, end of story. Actions have consequences.


  14. And yet again, we see another horrible subhuman overcome the justice system simply because of gender. Justice is supposed to be blind. There is an exhaustive list of physical TRAUMA committed against this kid. All of which he REQUIRED hospitalization, and ALL OF WHICH WERE COMMITTED BY HIS MOTHER.

    And here we are, watching her being rewarded. Why? Because her “friends” or customers more like, got together and wrote letters saying that she has changed. Really? She changed? How? Because you said so? Where is the documented, forensically analyzed EVIDENCE?

    Who is the judge is in the case? Is it another woman, trying to seem sympathetic to the cause of women so she empowers someone unfit to fold laundry to be fit enough to parent a 4 year old child, of which she has a history of PUTTING IN THE HOSPITAL FOR PHYSICAL ABUSE?

    So let’s get the facts straight:

    Drug addict, drug manufacturing mother physically abuses and hospitalizes infant son multiple times and has a forensically VERIFIED history of CHILD ABUSE and drug abuse is rewarded with custody of her infant son, due to father refusing to return child to her care because of her forensically PROVABLE HISTORY OF CHILD ABUSE.

    If this isn’t a woman using the judicial system to punish a father, then the sky is not blue and the sun does not rise in the east and set in the west.

    This is yet another forensically proven case of women using an already empathetic to women judicial system to punish a father and use the children as weapons against him. And regardless, the woman is a CHILD ABUSER. Let’s not make this about the father – the poor infant is defenseless against his harpy of a “mother”.

    And now, rather than doing the right, correct, and fucking JUST thing – we get to wait until she hurts this poor kid again. And even then, will justice prevail and remove him from his sociopathic mother and apologize to the father?

    Highly doubtful. The American judicial system will likely award the father more jail time and monetary fines.

    Hey feminists? Where are you? This would be a wonderful time for your little group of 90+ lobbyist groups to step in and help change the laws to prevent things like this from happening again.


  15. Let the judge live with the evil monster& her scummy friends,let her endorse the pain this child went through&still will go through if left with this so hurt seeing this,wish i could save him from the monsters on this earth,including a so called judge.why no jail for her for life.she should have no kids,pets etc…All the people who hurt this little boy,hope your days are short on this earth,in the fire pit is where you all belong,even the so called people who failed him.let him go to a person who did all this to him,I’m so angry,u just like the so called mom,makes me sick!


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