Another reason to vote YES to abolish BEC

By:  Diane Benjamin

This question will be on the ballot for Bloomington voters only:

Voting YES abolishes the Bloomington Election Commission and puts elections in the hands of the ELECTED County Clerk.

Here’s why voting YES is important:

Peoria County is one of the few with an Election Commission.  That Election Commission screwed up the ballot!  75 people have already early voted.  Correct ballots need to be printed, or course at additional expense.  Those that early voted need to be contacted as well.

Voters have NOBODY to hold accountable for this error!

The office is run by appointed crony bureaucrats.  Voters can’t fire them.  If the County Clerk screws up the Clerk can be fired by voters.  A County Election Commission can’t be fired and is therefore unaccountable to voters.  Keep in mind Democrats want the bureaucrats, Republicans and Libertarians want voters to have control.

Read more about the error here:


2 thoughts on “Another reason to vote YES to abolish BEC

  1. This is exactly the type of system Nikita Khrushchev Richards wants to create in McLean County if elected as County Clerk.

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