Retain Judges? Vote NO

By:  Diane Benjamin

Three judges are on the ballot to be elected.  All three have no opposition.  Basically they are being appointed, that does nothing to secure a fair and balanced justice system.  I’m leaving any uncontested offices blank, much to the chagrin of political parties.

Two other candidates are up for retention:

Many people say they believe in term limits. 

If you do, the only vote you can make to retain any judge is NO.

Rebecca Foley was the judge I had for the Coliseum lawsuit.  Foley was overly nice to me until her boyfriend judge was retained – Scott Drazewski

My case was dismissed right after the November 2016 election.

If you don’t remember:

The only two McLean County judges appearing on the complaints list from McLean County are Drazewski and Foley.  The list goes back to 1972.

McLean County has a history of wrongful convictions and unequal justice.

The only way to fix it is to not retain judges!  A lifetime appointment gives them too much power.

Proving the voters pay no attention to news before voting, almost 75% voted to retain Drazewski:

The greatest threat to the Republic is an uniformed electorate.  
Looks like 75% of voters don’t bother with facts before voting.  The Republic is at risk because of them.

Judge Paul Lawrence was partly responsible for landing McLean County on a list of Judicial Hellholes:

See PDF pages 26-27


Drazewski is also mentioned in the same article!

Judges with too much power are a threat.  Keeping them for life creates that power.

I have little faith that these two judges won’t be retained since Drazewski was.  I remember one other judge who NOT recommended by lawyers for retention, he was retained anyway.

If you need another reason to vote NO, this is from the Judicial HellHoles link above.  In McLean County many judges are married to or dating lawyers or other judges.  Someday I’m going to compile a list, for now – this sums up McLean County perfectly:









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