4 pics you need to see

By:  Diane Benjamin

First refer back to yesterday’s story:   https://blnnews.com/2019/02/09/remember-when-bloomington-was-broke/

The City of Bloomington will be adding yet another Quality of Life location most of the population will never use.  EVERY Quality of Life location they have now loses money, including the zoo.  Even though local soccer people have finally taken it on themselves to raise money for a new complex, it appears Bloomington and likely Normal are going to usurp the private sector to spend YOUR money instead.


This is from a Facebook discussion.  Georgene Chissell is parroting Tari Renner.  “Cut to the bone” is not investing in a sports complex they know will not pay for itself.  It will be yet another drain on City finances and the poor.  Since Chissell thinks the City needs more revenue, where do you think she wants to get it?














Jenn Carrillo was asked on Facebook why she didn’t show up for the City Council debate held by the local GOP.  She was the only candidate who didn’t attend.  Keep in mind City elections are supposedly non-partisan.  This was her reason:










One more Jenn Facebook post. She wants a Welcoming Ordinance and ICE kicked out of Bloomington.  I have heard from concerned citizens that a “Citizens Patrol” will be established to report illegals to both the Bloomington Police and ICE.  If Jenn wants lawlessness she will get it.

Jenn is running against Karen Schmidt.















WGLT is the taxpayer-funded National Public Radio Station located on the ISU campus. Of course Connect Transit only exists because of taxes stolen from everybody.

We have reached a new local low, how many other taxpayers funded organizations will try to keep big empty buses on the road?

Add this to the reasons General Manager of WGLT – RC McBride – needs voted off the Normal City Council.









17 thoughts on “4 pics you need to see

  1. Just another of what’s so sad about Renner and the rest of the demonrats agenda of “deceive to achive’ is having acquired so much additional ignorance along the way.

  2. RE: Georgene Chissell. Over and over, Illinois has proven itself one of the few States where candidates can win running on a platform of raising taxes. Illinois is stupid. Illinois is doomed.

  3. It’s not just RC McBride. It’s people like:

    WGLT Program Director Michael McCurdy, who is Chairman of Connect Transit

    And Michael Gorman who is Chair of the Bloomington Transportation Commission and affiliated with WGLT, Green Top Grocery, and various Democratic politicians.

    I wonder when Green Top funds their first $100k ad buy on busses.

  4. The potential for conflicts of interest in the Twin Cities has become rampant. These conflicts can breed corruption in many ways. One step in the right direction would be to reconsider the merging of Bloomington and Normal. That might improve the current ways of governing. One Fire, one Police, one color of city trucks, one city council with one city manager form of government. Wake up people, don’t just vote, seek out ways to participate.

    1. Come On Folks! The LAST thing we want is the merger of Bloomington and Normal, so we end up with an even larger and more powerful metastatic Leftwing cancer in the middle of Central Illinois.

  5. Diane, maybe we need to just face the fact that between the illegals, felons, sexual deviants, hardcore Marxists and misguided old school Democrats who don’t understand the radicalization of their Party, they now have (or are rapidly approaching) a majority in McLean County. I’m not sure we have a chance anymore.

    1. I agree, it probably Is too late. But unless you’re in a position to leave, and soon and without leaving anyone behind you care about, you should still at least Try to make things better. (Or less worse?)
      Bloomington, I still haven’t heard Anything about any good candidates, so perhaps try to support good candidates for other offices? The only one I know of is Lupe Diaz for Heartland College board. Please post others if you know of any!
      Normal, the only ones I know of, in order of preference are Stan Nord, Karl Sila (write-in for Town Council), and maybe Karyn Smith. (Again, if you know other or better choices, Do Tell so we can get the word out!)

  6. The merger of B/N has been brought up before. It might result is a smaller system. It could be done, but not overnight, but rather in time with voter turnout. I, Maggie, am an old school Democrat who is waiting for the socialist wing of the Democratic Party to self destruct. Patience is an exercise in self discipline and is a necessary tool in politics.

  7. The demonrats in B-N, or the country for that matter are not the majority of people. They are the squeaky wheel that gets all the greasy press because the lame stream media provides it. Media for years has ignored the people with any sense of reality. However as mentioned on this site, it is the demonrats that get out to vote that makes the difference. Not so much locally but state wide and nationally, voter fraud runs rampant in demon-rat controlled areas.
    It’s way past time to encourage, to insist that those you know around that don’t vote, start voting because yes that one (multiplied) vote does make a difference.

  8. ‘Back of the napkin’ numbers to be taken with a grain of salt.
    We know there will be a push for a new sports center / soccer complex. (Another ‘quality of life’ amenity that will be used primarily by the elites but paid for by everyone – aka Steal from the Poor, Give to the Rich.)
    Construction costs alone, without any bond interest, operating losses, etc will be $300 per person (not adult or worker) in the County. If Bloomington, Normal, or the County decides to move forward without one of the others, it goes up. A lot. Include interest, operating losses, and cost overruns, and it goes up. A Lot.
    Ask anybody who isn’t going to vote if they have any other hour-or-less errands they’d like you to do for them – you’ll only charge them $300. Plus $50/yr for life. For each member of their household (including the first 300). When they understandably say bleep no, ask them what they’ll be doing Instead of voting that they Are willing to pay the same amount for.

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