Remember when Bloomington was broke?

By:  Diane Benjamin

All Tari’s structural deficits put forth only to raise taxes have disappeared.  Bloomington is now on a spending spree!

Proposed budget for next year:

Page 349 and following

Remember when Bloomington wasn’t interested because they had too many other expenses?

According to the last finance report, next years budget only spends $5 million on roads when Jim Karch claims he needs more than $8 million every year to get the roads to poor condition.   Here’s $3 million to buy land for a  sports complex they already know will lose money!

But they aren’t done:

The following year has even more in the budget:





Coliseum loses money

BCPA loses money

Creativity Center loses money

Sports Complex and Rec Center will lose money

Elect socialists you get socialism.  It’s for the good of the collective.

How much is Normal budgeting?  For now that’s still a secret.

The roads in Bloomington aren’t a priority because the City Council doesn’t care.  Pretty new shiny things are more fun!







10 thoughts on “Remember when Bloomington was broke?

  1. I have no words. Although I would personally pay for a one way ticket to Venezuela for any members of council who even consider this.


    1. Why send them to Venezuela?. They have very consciously, consistently and intentionally brought Venezuela here. No ticket is required.


  2. Pales in comparison to the other two huge frivolous items but what is the city spending $42,000 for design of something way outside their jurisdiction?


  3. I do remember, Diane. Wasn’t it Crazy Davy Hales that warned us we wouldn’t recognize Bloomington if we didn’t raise taxes and fees? And of course, Tari and his political hit squad continue attacking “anti-taxers” for not caring about the children or parks. Yes, Tari, I’m selfish because I want to keep the money I earn, but your not selfish for wanting to confiscate the money I earn and pass it out to friends of government and political pet projects that you want.


  4. Yeah, and when Tari and his ilk fritter THIS away, they’ll “claim” the city is broke again, so they’ll raise taxes.
    FIX THE STREETS!! Prioritize!!
    Vote them ALL out !!!


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