(Dis) Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin

The financial statements from the year that ended June 30, 2018 are still not on the website.  No audits are posted under Financial Information.  What are they hiding?    https://www.connect-transit.com/about/financial_information.asp

The empty buses came REALLY close to losing $1,000,000 in January:  PDF page 7  https://www.connect-transit.com/documents/Meetings/Packets/RevisedFebruary%2026,%202019%20Board%20Packet.pdf


The money borrowed from capital funds hasn’t been repaid – PDF page 8.

Boardings per hour is skyrocketing!  (sarcasm)

Connect Mobility was down slightly – see PDF page 11.

Ridership was up – but keep in mind this is not the number of people. This is the people who boarded a bus, including those twice that switched buses:

Moral of the story?

More riders equals bigger losses.

(head scratch)






7 thoughts on “(Dis) Connect Transit

  1. Sure could fix a lot of roads with what Taxin Tari blows on empty buses. Gotta keep those gooberment admins and union clowns flush with our cash instead of just letting Uber drive people right to their destination!!!!

    1. Under government control and on the government schedule or individual liberty on the consumer’s schedule? You and I have the same answer, but alas it’s different from that of Tari and the Council.

  2. Disgusting! The cronies in Bloomington-Normal will protect (Dis)Connect Transit until the very end. I had the gall to question this government agency, its money-burning, and overall practicality at a Chamber event. Let’s just say it didn’t go well. Like most government programs it’s grown to a level where there’s a viable constituency/voting block that makes money off the program regardless of its performance or success. There are numerous hack jobs to be given out, as well as local businesses that make money off Connect Transit from radio and billboard advertisers to promotional graphics/sign companies, not to mention the non-profits whose transportation-related services/programs are subsidized.

    1. of course they are protecting and feeding the disconnect . just like the white elephant the more you feed the hungrier it gets

  3. Can we get these really heavy buses to team up with the hot tar patch crews since they don’t seem to be hauling anything but empty seats around? Hot tar patch down… bus runs over it several times… it’s a road repair system! I know we should maybe get the roads resurfaced? But all that costs money! Come on you cheap taxpayers of Blono… Tari needs some more money and with the Green New Steal coming soon to a theatre near you… your money is their money anyway. So hand it over comrades!

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