It shouldn’t cost a fortune when a loved one dies

I’ve wanted to print obituaries for a long time, funeral homes have ignored requests to refer grieving families here. People who lose a loved one shouldn’t get fleeced to get a noticed printed.

The only obituaries I will print are ones that people request. These notices will create a digital story that can be shared on line with friends and relatives.

No cost!

They will appear as a news story, but I will add an Obituary Tab to the Main Menu of that will list them all forever.

Diane Benjamin

11 thoughts on “It shouldn’t cost a fortune when a loved one dies

  1. Diane, What a wonderful and much needed public service! My thanks and congratulations.

    However, I am sure you have thought about some kind of verification/authentication process. I can easily see the criminal Leftist element in this community trying to slip you inaccurate information as a way of leaving you liable, or, at least, embarrassed. They are capable of ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, and respect for the dead is certainly not one of their “values”.


  2. I think that is great I am not in Blo No Kudos to you for doing that. Am in Atlanta Logan County we have Lincoln Daily News and New Herald. The Courier is ridiculous here. I agree what happened to our media

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  3. Thanks Diane! That is a GREAT PUBLIC SERVICE! I can’t remember HOW MANY times I went online to find someones address to visit them because I was going to be in the area, and the FIRST thing that comes up is their obituary.
    On the other side of the coin, It’s only ONE of TWO reasons we took the Pantagraph as long as we did! That and the Comics, but when my late father passed, and a BASIC obituary was $400, our family got soured REAL FAST!!
    This is a GREAT thing, and I guess IF you wanted proof, just have someone send a notarized death certificate or scan it, as it seemed after father passed most EVERYONE wanted a copy-insurance, DMV, bank, lawyers, etc. We went through about 10 copies of my fathers..
    THANK YOU!!!

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  4. Funny I was trying to look up open houses on the pantagraph website this weekend. I couldn’t view them because you needed a digital subscription. Ridiculous realtors pay good money to advertise only to have potential buyers blocked! I didn’t realize they charged $400 for obit! I always thought they should be free if you included cause of death which is morbid but would increase readers numbers.


  5. I helped my mom pre arrange her funeral several years back and was given the option( for a set fee) to pay for the obit. Mom is not rich,quite the opposite so I told the funeral guy no I would pay for the obit when the time came. He then told me the amount the rag charges for just words no picture & I thought OMG what a racket. If you included a pix the price went up . When I expressed my shock at this my mom told me that all she wants is her name and the day she died because most of her relatives are gone anyway. . Charging people who die to advertise their deaths, how ghoulish !


  6. The other half of the Pantagraph obit scandal is that they not only charge a fortune for death notices, but they have repeatedly also been caught editing them. No…..I don’t mean correcting misspellings or awkward sentence structure. I mean deletions of reference they find “Unprogressive”….membership in the NRA or Sons of Confederate Veterans, or expressions of pride in conservative values. And you don’t get a “by the word” refund for the information they remove, either. So….they pretty much rape you and censor you, all in one.

    Totally agree with DJ–if you are not reading this blog, you have NO IDEA what is happening in Bloomington Normal.

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