Is Mayor Koos ill?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Koos posted this on Facebook a little before 4:00 pm:


In one brief statement the Mayor of Normal has insulted anyone living in his City who is Pro-Life.  Divider in chief?

Chris Koos constantly assaults personal freedoms!  Tax Tax TAX!  The freedom to spend your money where and how you want is a personal freedom Koos steals.

He also forgot Planned Parenthood doesn’t do abortions here.

Business friendly?  Only if you are a Koos buddy!  The rest of us aren’t the “right fit”.

He also forgot the debt and underfunded pensions he has laid on the backs of every taxpayer in Normal.  Normal is still in the State of Illinois Chris:

il debt clock

If Koos thinks people will move to Normal for abortions he needs mental health treatment.  Of course, they could sign up for Medicaid and get them for free thanks to the last governor.  

Chris:  Have you noticed people have been FLEEING ILLINOIS for quite awhile now?  Allowing women to murder their babies here isn’t going to entice anybody to move to a failed state.

Thanks for showing your true colors though.  Life is immaterial in Koosland.


21 thoughts on “Is Mayor Koos ill?

  1. Oh brother. Roll up your pant legs because the 💩 Is getting really deep

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  2. Safe?!?!?! Who is he kidding? Surely not those of us who have lived here long enough to remember when Bloomington Normal were safe. He left out the part about Chicago moving in! 😠

    1. I remember when this town was truly safe and it was a really nice place to live and raise kids. It saddens me now to this think about what we used to have here. It angers me to think about what Mayor Little Man and Fuhrer Koos have done (and continue to do) each day to turn our cities into bankrupted leftist socialist garbage dumps.

    1. “Koos is delusional. Both of them.” Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there a wacko Leftist Sister in the little Commie family, also?

  3. I’m surprised he didnt post send me your illegals, you drug dealers, your gang members, your serial killers.

  4. one last thought and I’m done : this OFFENDS ME TO NO END! I demand FB ban Koos for offensive content.

  5. People like this live in their own alternate universe. He is just telling the world who he is. When you have no family of your own, these are the things that occupy your mind 24/7. Dinner conversations growing up had to be interesting in his household. He definitely has zero concepts of economics concerning the big picture. He’s not nuts in the true sense, just twisted in thought and logic. It is likely his brother and Renner qualify as more serious candidates for mental illness.

  6. I am surprised some TDS idiot is not blaming our Great President Trump for the tariffs imposed on the Chinese to get them to finally stop exploiting the United States and its workers. Even Democrats are agreeing with this (Schumer etc.) I guess Paul didn’t get the memo before his little rant (it looks to be deleted) – FYI Paul – you are lucky you got deleted because I was preparing to make a public fool out of you. See Ya… wouldn’t want to be ya!

      1. OK – one of our past establishment trolls then? Bye Paul (——–)… Say hi to Mayor Little Man and Fuhrer Koos for us.

          1. OK… we are talking Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome then…. This is where they start to get crazy and violent. Cognitive dissonance is hitting these NPCs pretty hard right now. Everything they have been told about President Trump for the last 2 1/2 years is now publicly known to be a lie (we all knew it of course). Their worlds have been shattered and after the denial stage they go into anger. So just an FYI to those who have friends or family at this point: You cannot talk to them, they must come out of it on their own and be careful because they are not in their right minds.

  7. “The person is worse than a troll. I filed a report with the sheriff’s office against her a couple weeks ago. ”

    And how did that work out for you Diane? The “report” is closed with Deputy Moss agreeing with me that you’re crazy. File more “reports” against me and I will gladly talk to the McLean Sheriff’s office about how mentally ill you are….It was you threatening me with a gun. Deputy Moss noted that fact. Maybe you should take responsibility for your actions. That’s something a total loser like you are never capable of doing.

    The fact that you have no understanding about anything you write also tags you as a illiterate flunkee who can’t write her way out of a paper bag. People who aren’t your sycophantic commenters know this blog is a joke.

    1. For Diane: You are such a nice person….FYI – I have been a professional writer for a long time and your statement: “The fact that you have no understanding about anything you write also tags you as a illiterate flunkee who can’t write her way out of a paper bag.” is over the top stupid and uninformed. Diane does an amazing job that makes the so-called professional journalists in this area (and you) look pretty sad. Take your emotions (which are not connected to logic or reason) somewhere you feel comfortable (Antifa for example). And finally, since your are obviously suffering from massive cognitive dissonance…. you should really seek a mental health professional. You could hurt yourself, someone else or end up behind bars in your current state of mind. We are MAGA while you are?

  8. Dear Mayor “who won by 11 lousy votes” Koos – As a citizen of Normal, I don’t believe your ranting on FarceBook does the Town of Normal any good. I don’t begrudge your personal right to express your murderous beliefs… but please remove the word Mayor from your insane rants.

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