Illinois is now a Sanctuary State

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s official!  Illegal immigrants can now live, work, and take your tax money without fear.  The Constitution gives the feds the right to control immigration, since laws don’t matter in Illinois Democrats have usurped the Federal government.

Living as a legal citizens in Illinois means you get to pay expenses for people with no legal right to be here – other than Illinois said they can.   Illinois is California with rotten weather.

Is Illinois is trying to replace all the citizens leaving with illegals?  

On the bright side, if Bloomington tries to pass a now unneeded “Welcoming Ordinance” they will prove wasting time is how they operate.

Below is the synopsis of the bill, as usual Democrats gave it a cute name to deceive citizens.  Does MS 13 qualify as a family?  See the votes here:  HB 1637



13 thoughts on “Illinois is now a Sanctuary State

  1. While the state of Illinois with the corrupt democrats claim it is a welcoming state, that is only at the so called “official” level. Nothing stops the citizens of Illinois who wish to follow the law from reporting illegals, refusing to do business with illegals and/or not doing business with people who welcome illegals. Perhaps the federal government needs to offer a “whistleblower” system to those who report illegals.

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  2. “Illegal” immigrants do not take your taxes. They in fact pay into both state and federal taxes just as same as legal immigrants and citizens without reaping any of the benefits. They are barred from collecting any social services since you have prove your a citizen or legal immigrant to collect. Many “illegals” were even hired in the Trump various properties where they were forced to work off the clock. The Trump organization even provided fake Social Security cards to their illegal workers.


      1. How is it that someone writes the truth and you think it’s “propaganda”? Did you click on the link proving Trump hired illegal immigrants? Of course not, you want to believe what you want to believe despite the truth. The state of Illinois along with other states take in $499.2 million each year from immigrants along with other states. Here are the facts:

        The fact is that many undocumented immigrants find ways to pay both federal income and payroll taxes even though they might not have a Social Security number and even if they are working illegally. According to estimates by the nonpartisan American Immigration Council, households headed by illegal immigrants paid a combined $11.2 BILLION in state and local taxes during 2010.
        Based on estimates compiled by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, the American Immigration Council reported that the $11.2 billion in taxes paid by illegal immigrants in 2010 included $8.4 billion in sales taxes, $1.6 billion in property taxes and $1.2 billion in state personal income taxes.
        “In spite of the fact that they lack legal status, these immigrants — and their family members — are adding value to the U.S. economy; not only as taxpayers, but as workers, consumers, and entrepreneurs as well.


    1. I love it when I beat the bushes with truth and a moron like James flies out. Thanks for making my day. Now go back to your rose colored fantasy world fool.


  3. James H a good friend of mine had a family owned business over 60 years employing more than 50 employees at times he went a bankrupt several years ago, why? illegals working off the books at night he couldn’t win a bid. You must be smoking dope if you actually believe that illegals pay their share of taxes and contribute greatly to our economy. I suppose you are also going to tell us that some illegals don’t kill or do crimes to honest hard working Americans . California is calling you that state will satisfy all your liberal thoughts.

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  4. I always find it amusing that the leftist sheep really believe that illegals can’t get any benefits – in fact it’s hilarious, they are so “street dumb” it defies belief. I bet they even think that there aren’t places to go and get fake papers and fake soc numbers lol lol. By the way I am all for LEGAL immigration and actually really like working with, doing business with, and socializing with Latinos/Latinas, Mexicans especially, just in case anybody ( simple minded leftists that is) thinks I just hate “brown people”.

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  5. James – ILLEGALS DO NOT PAY INCOME TAXES! If you are getting paid under the table, there are no taxes taken out. I wonder where the money goes that is taken out of paychecks that have stolen Social Security numbers? Illegals do pay sales taxes and through rentals their landlords pay property taxes.

    I really like Mediaghosts suggestion. Nowhere in the new phony unconstitutional illegal welcoming act signed by Prickster does it state that a private citizen may not make a citizens arrest and contact ICE.


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