Take the dang survey!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Regional Planning Commission is notorious for doing surveys nobody knows about and then using those results to justify things like bike lanes.

They are about to wrap up a survey on how Community Development Block Grant money should be spent.

Take their survey, the numbers they have now don’t represent the population (as usual):




16 thoughts on “Take the dang survey!

  1. I just completed the survey. Everyone please complete the survey too. Also encourage members of your household to complete it too, as well as friends and relatives. Thanks for posting this Diane.

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  2. Apparently they read your Blog and have made this survey “unavailable” at 3:56PM. Typical political class outreach.


  3. How stupid was the gender question. The blighted areas are the unused water tower, the unused fire station, the coliseum. All could go.

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  4. Did it. Wonder if one can do an FOIA of responses to see if the results they claim match the surveys submitted. I have my doubts as I think they all get Koozed

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    1. Yes I had the same problem but eventually it did give me survey. Internet overload? Would like to think it was because we all jumped on to take the survey but that may be a tad optimistic. Thought about putting down Green Grocer as a blighted area…instead noted it with BCPA, coliseum and bike lanes as money that could be spent better elsewhere.

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  5. Done. Survey worked fine. It almost read like we want to spend lots of money help us pick where to spend it. How about use what we have responsibly.

    Just an added note my yard waste was not picked again today. It’s an ongoing issue that is growing very old.

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  6. Yes, be wary of what you check or answer – look at each as a possibility to be twisted into more government waste and respond accordingly. I personally liked the question about ‘housing discrimination’ – In Normal, we subsidize luxury apartments and add regulatory costs to lower-income housing, so my answer was Yes.


  7. Just did it. For ANYONE who has good “situational awareness” this is a NO BRAINER, NEXT-CONSULTANTS!
    We NEED verification, then attend a couple of conferences to verify all this data, then a few more studies to make sure it’s up to date, then another survey to get “the right fit, and UP TO DATE, everyone on board, and all that other mumbo-jumbo (which REALLY means-I’M STALLING) BS! .
    How’d I do??

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  8. One thing I noted was it’s a “tell on your neighbors” trick so we can do all we can to get them in debt to us or unable to pay for repairs or find ways to get their properties so we can use it to house illegals, that’s something they have been doing in the UK kicking out senior citizens from their long time council homes so they can move in “immigrants”. Also, I agree they are just looking and hoping for the “right fit” sort of answers so they can spend a bunch of money – tax and spend . I started it but was getting a bit angry (and suspicious) so did not finish it I might try later – thing is no matter really, they’ll fudge it and do what they want to anyway. I’m still glad a bunch of you are doing it, it will hopefully show some resistance.


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