Is Illinois going to violate religious freedom

By:  Diane Benjamin

This is from the Illinois Constitution:

freedom of religion

That sure sounds like government can’t tell you want to believe.  Until just a few years ago almost everybody believed that.

Now see this article:

Actually read it folks!  (hint:  I can tell how many people do)

Illinois wants to make sure kids hear government’s view of sexuality in public schools.


(Your kids are still in public school?)

Illinois just might dictate to private and home schoolers too.  From the article:


The left isn’t capable of coexisting.  If you don’t believe and think the same way they do, you will be beat into submission.

1st Amendment – Freedom of religion?

The wall on the east side of the McLean County Museum of History doesn’t say “worship” by accident.  It was planned.


Illinois is already forcing pro-life people to pay for abortions, they aren’t going to stop “progressing”.


12 thoughts on “Is Illinois going to violate religious freedom

  1. I think this is wrong! God says to love one another! I agree, children are very inpressionable , and should not have this forced on them, they will think that it’s the norm, and it’s not.

  2. Where is separation of church and state? Oh I forgot liberals only fall to this when it serves their purposes around Christmas. While government forces us to purchase such books to full fill their leftist agenda adjustments can be made. In non public schools the teacher can skip the parts that are now mandated to be in books. Am not sure if they should tell students why and how it does not fit the beliefs of the religion (the religion of the school), One could argue that then one is no better than the other side, but sometimes one must fight fire with fire. To bad the days where such a discussion was left to be held at home and schools educated as opposed indoctrinated are long gone.

  3. To answer the question, yes, with no problem. Again, the concept of separation of church and state has become so convoluted (mostly on purpose) that it no longer has meaning anyway. All this indoctrination is planned. The Communists and Socialists did not lie to us when they declared they would eventually control the schools. Downstate Illinois can do nothing about Chicago’s control. Two things will eventually happen: total capitulation of the population accepting this sick nonsense or civil disobedience on a yet to be determined scale.

  4. mam this is BULLSNOT,, who are the people behind this outrage in this state??

  5. My folks never had to explain the “Birds and Bees” to me. We had cattle, hogs, sheep and horses and all we had to do was watch day to day and we were able to know why you turned a bull in with the cows or a boar with sows, before seven years old. No embarrassment, no need for further explaining. So when I had a daughter and at about eight years of age, I put her in the sheep business, with the same results. Plus she made some money learning also. Some of the hardest lessons are taught by observing what is going on around you.

  6. Not surprised. Did you see where Governor Jelly Belly cancelled Confederate Railroad at the Dequoin State Fair this year? Guess we won’t be hearing “Jesus and Mama will always love me” in the land of Lincoln.

  7. Arrrggg! Sex education and religious education belong in the home and is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

    1. Dotell, if you happen to live on a livestock farm, shortly you’re going to be very frustrated.

  8. This agenda is strong at uhigh. Athletic department hires seem based on sexual orientation. Also, LGBT club is going strong. I suspect preference in admissions are occurring based on sexual orientation. ISU is building our own little San Francisco.

    1. Curious…..Is there something in U-High’s admissions documents that provides the opportunity for children to “telegraph” their sexual orientation? Back when American was a far better country, that IS NOT something we would either ask children about or be pleased that they chose to volunteer information on.

      ………..but now we have “Pride Fests”.

  9. When DEMONcrats were not in control they preached tolerance and stood on 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech but now that they are in total control of Illinois they have no need of those things so we see that they are actually tyrants and dictators pushing what THEY believe and to hell with what right-wing God fearing American Patriot’s believe! Just like nationally when they have the White House it’s all about we must obey government BUT when they don’t control the White House it’s all about obstruction and resistance…………….these damn Democrats are filthy traitors to OUR REPUBLIC!!!

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