Bloomington Regular Agenda

By:  Diane Benjamin

At 1:221:45 the Bloomington Council finally got to the regular agenda.

First was hiring a consultant to update the historical preservation plan.  The City Planner claimed this group is going to do extensive public outreach.  (Bring it On Bloomington flopped, but the results of that public outreach are golden

One thing we already know:  Historic buildings are rarely saved without tax dollars.  The costs are too high without subsidies or property tax breaks.  The Council needs a consultant to know that?  The City Planner claimed the plan will help them decide which building to save.  Council approved unanimously.

Next was the Fire Chief discussing the intergovernmental agreement with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and family Services to collect Medicaid money for ambulance services.  Last year Medicaid calls were 34% of all calls but Medicaid only pays 10% of the cost.  Passed with no discussion.

Last was cannabis.  1:35:00

The discussion was all over the place.  Cannabis sales will happen in Bloomington if a license is available.  Some Council members want growing, processing and selling.  Jenn wants cannabis tourism where cannabis can be consumed where purchased.  That one is the only part that likely won’t be approved.  Details will be discussed at the Planning Commission that meets at 4:00 when a lot of people are at work.  So much for a “Public Hearing”.

the Finance Director delivered the monthly report.  The Utilities Tax contuses to decrease.  That is bad news for taxpayers because the Utilities Tax was passed to fund pensions:

This is the pension funding schedule passed in 2014:

pension funding schedule

Where is that money going to come from?  A new tax?  The taxes you already pay are spent.

Besides the gay pride flag, Carrillo wore a Black Lives Matter shirt.  At least she tried to cover it up with a sweater – but failed:

jenn blm

Jeff Crabill brought up the public comment that attacked aldermen personally.  2:40:00  Tari claimed is was borderline.  See his comment at 33:30 and see if you call it borderline.

After Jeff, Kim Bray said more shows like Carol King are needed because obviously people will support them.  The event report is still not posted, I know the show cost $35,000 – it was sold out.  Maybe Kim should wait to see if it made money before wanting more like it.


8 thoughts on “Bloomington Regular Agenda

  1. Carrillo must be living in a cave? Is there anything at all going on with Black Lives Matter? Are they doing anything? Someone needs to tell her that some time ago the entire issue that founded this movement has been debunked by the use of police body cams that are showing the reality of the shootings that do occur. Our police are NOT singling out black people for summary executions on the streets of America. Time to move on Ms Carrillo to some other fabricated grievance driven by your imaginary white supremacy/racism.

    Why does State Farm employ communists? Maybe Jeff can tell us how he fooled them into believing he was a loyal American? Like all leftist, he apparently doesn’t like to be criticized. How did a communist get elected here?

    1. Crabill and Carrillo represent the views and concerns of the radical Illinois People’s Action which serves as their one true God. Crabill is just one of many political radicals and racists hired by SF because the company is scared of its own shadow and doesn’t want the political heat of what they may see as bad publicity in not hiring the right number of certain categories of employees handed down by the top executives. That said, it is perfectly okay to discriminate against qualified white men who possess common sense because the political blowback is non-existent.

  2. Thanks for the updates heard on WSM Nashville radio that 22.9 people are moving to the one county that has Nashville every day I wonder how many are from this area? Keep up the good work

  3. The man made good points unfortunately he did not come in a good “package”. I would have loved to see the same comments said by someone dressed in a suit and tie What was said was correct….they are clueless. But speaking of dressed in the wrong “package” we have dear old Carrillo and in the past Crabill, but in their cases rarely what they say is correct.

  4. by wearing that offensive and vile tshirt Jen just violated the set rules for all city employees. I demand she be reprimanded and fired!

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