Update: Temporary detour from Council . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin


The Director of the McLean County History Museum recently left after only 1 1/2 years on the job.  Was there some financial improprieties?  I’m hearing rumors.  If this is true it is yet another person allowed to quit without an investigation.  He then moves on to do the same thing somewhere else.  Anybody know the truth?  The museum gets tax dollars!


I’m also hearing reports of people being harassed in grocery stores for buying things like “red meat” and products made by companies the “far left” wants to put out of business.  Anybody seen this?


Chris Koos and it appears to be Chemberly Cummings didn’t want to get wet at the ISU Homecoming parade.  Instead of the open carriage they were in this:  (screen shot from Facebook video)

koos carriage

Yes, I will find out how much taxpayers were billed so his highness and the royal fortress didn’t have to mix with the commoners.

I know the sign is hard to read, but it says Mayor Chris Koos with Town of Normal below it.



Did somebody lose a garbage truck?  City of Bloomington?  I hear it is stuck somewhere off Ireland Grove Road:


10 thoughts on “Update: Temporary detour from Council . . .

  1. The monthly Newsletter from the McLean County Museum has quite a bit of political commentary in it. A bit too much perhaps.

  2. Does Koos have a covered carriage around his bicycle when he goes riding in the rain or does he use GorTex from his shop?

      1. What’s this say about Koos? It’s bad enough that he’d want to present himself this way, but worse who wants to ride with him? Only the Royal Fortress? What’s that say about her? This is not a good look for any of them. They’re presenting themselves as royalty and the taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

  3. Haha! Thanks for the laughs, Diane. Here’s my take: (1) I’ve not heard anything, though I’m not surprised. The museum is perpetually empty. I have a feeling the donation they get from State Farm is vital. If State Farm decides to donate elsewhere, as they have already demonstrated, then the museum will come after more taxpayer dollars. Wonder what they’re spending money on at the museum. (2) Haha! Unreal. Probably some hardline loonies. Maybe they’re trying to drum up some business for Green Flop Grocery. Still can’t believe that place is open. Wonder how much debt they’ve accumulated. (3) This video is so fitting. It shows how incredibly arrogant, delusional, elitist, and out of touch Koos and his royal court have become. He really doesn’t get it.

  4. I wish some snowflake would try the second one with me. Although I don’t buy red meet at the store – I purchase direct from a farmer in quarter critter increments.

    1. they start that red meat shaming with me and they will find themselves on the business end of a harassment lawsuit and arrest.

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