Normal City Manager Slush Fund?

By:  Diane Benjamin

More on why the budget matters!

See PDF page 117:

admin other

$550,000 was added to the City Manager’s budget and listed as “Other Expenses”.  Note:  It wasn’t there in the two previous years!  Note the number 30-90 to the left of Other.

Now, back up to PDF page 116.  That page describes what each expense is referencing those numbers.  See anything missing?

30-90 was skipped!

30-90 skipped

Pam Reece’s overall budget is slightly less because “Transfers” dramatically decreased.

Somebody needs to explain what the $550,000 is for.  If expenses can’t be questioned because they are approved in the budget (Koos theory of good government), we need to know what she plans to spend that money on. 








11 thoughts on “Normal City Manager Slush Fund?

  1. Reich Minister Reese needs the money for special projects. What it is for is on a need to know basis and we don’t need to know.

    Is it just me, but watching Pam Reese talk gives me the chills. Everything about her seems contrived. She is a horrible liar. She seems mean spirited and calculating. I would fire her during the first hour of my tenure as mayor.

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      1. It would almost be worth it to see a picture of her being escorted out of the building by a couple uniformed officers. No seriously, she just looks like she would be corrupt. If we were able to open enough closets, I am sure we could find some skeletons (real evidence) of how corrupt she really is.

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  2. Some day, a good mayor will be elected and I’ll bet some of the crooks will be found out and end up in jail. SOmething I am looking forward to. How exciting!

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  3. This is all the stupid spending that goes on with the Normal Council where you might wonder where in the budget does that fall under. Here’s your answer. Lyle Sumack, $4,000 paintings that Koos wants, horse drawn carriages in parades. It’s all in this line item.

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  4. Someday this will come to an end. When Normal gets a mayor that can work with Stan Nord to uncover and bring to light the mismanagement of Normal taxpayers funds its all going to hit the fan. The truth is out there but Normal needs a mayor that is willing to lead the way to bring out that truth.

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  5. DJ, 4 council members can over ride the mayor. If 3 other council members would get their heads out of Koos’s rear end then the taxpayer fleecing will end sooner.

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