McLean County going Blue

By:  Diane Benjamin


ballets cast

8885 of the 13,867 were Democrats

Everywhere but Bloomington:

county vote

9924 of the 18003 were Democrats

Total voters:

13,867 + 18,003 = 31,870

8885 + 9924 = 18,809 democrats

18,809 divided by 31,870 =

59% of the people who bothered to vote pulled a democrat ballot.

This is without the ISU students here.

Get ready for higher taxes, they are coming.

Everybody who cares must have already left.






16 thoughts on “McLean County going Blue

  1. It’s only a matter of time. Awhile back, a Democrat friend of mine in BN said next election (meaning 2020) the county would flip. I believed it then and I believe it now.


  2. Through the last decade or so, Bloomington-Normal has become a self-centered and weak-minded community. Worn down by a
    continuous assault of neverending political correctness and years of go along to get along corporate mindset, the takeover by the far left was easier than they anticipated. Unwilling to take time away from selfish endeavors to vote for qualified candidates the results have been predictable. Schools have allowed teachers to pollute our kids minds with no pushback. Schools that used to stand for God and righteousness now stand for perversion and the promotion of societal sickness. Is it any wonder our governments have come to this? Any person or business worth their salt have decided or are considering leaving for a place that gives them a chance for success or hope. Leadership is non-existent at the state and local level almost everywhere. Although I will expose people that need exposing until it is time for me to go, I can no longer care about a community that no longer cares about itself. It’s hard to have any love or concern about a place and people that totally dismissed you and never cared about you in the first place. It deserves its eventual fate of total and unmigated failure.


  3. Republicans are getting what they deserve. Hitching their wagon to Trump and McConnell should burn the party to the ground.
    I assume all of the commenters on here that vehemently opposed Sanders will reject their $1000 checks too since that is socialism.


    1. Troy let us see how hitching your wagons to a mentally absent person (Biden) or metal deranged candidate (Sanders) works for you in November. BTW anybody that is not having their income affected by this situation should not get this check in my opinion. So government workers should get nothing.

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    2. Troy: You do realize that any “government” money is somewhat extorted or lent to the government to do things presumably for us? The government does not technically produce anything without money from a second source. Highways, space crafts, military hardware, etc. is technically the property of the citizen to begin with. What your hero Bernie proposes is to rob Peter to give Paul what he thinks is a free meal from someone else. No or very little monetary risk to the senile man. You sound like a nice but naive college kid that still has a lot to learn. If I get a check, I’ll likely give it to my kids to help pay off their college loans, that thankfully aren’t as bad as yours.


  4. I totally agree that the election numbers are not good. To bring some optimism – is to remember that D/R/L ballot selection in a primary election is not a selection of party affiliation. I do know folks who voted on “the other party’s ballot” in order to vote for a particular candidate who was running.

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  5. The problem is Republicans in Illinois act like Democrats and thus stand for nothing. In Illinois there’s no leader, no coalition and no message. Thus no alternative. The highest ranking Republican in Illinois is Bill Brady. Dan Brady’s in leadership in the state house. Say no more. How’s that working out for you?

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  6. I am trying to be an optimist in my comments but fear I am wrong,. As another noted there are people who trolled in this election. Then you have for the main part republican contests that were uncontested or pretty much decided making people decide it was not worth the time and effort (I admit I considered passing on this one). I also would be curious as to the age distribution of those who voted. I believe older people tend to be more conservative and with the Chines virus media hoax going on stayed home. If this were the November election the democrats would have been going crazy to make sure the election was not delayed as older folks staying home plays well for them. To bad this state can’t be more like other states, Texas for example where the top 3 democrat vote getters combined did not get as many votes as Trump in a basically uncontested primary.

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  7. Abe Lincoln WAS the LAST GOOD REPUBLICAN to come out of Illinois. As for the Damocrats, when ALL the GOOD people have left the state, THEY can feed their sorry assed selves, we’ll see HOW THAT WORKS for “socialists” NEVER worked in Communes, as SOMEONE always STOLE more then they were allowed. YEP< STOLE!!

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