Pritzker: Essential Travel Doesn’t Include Birthdays

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you haven’t read Gov Pritzker’s Executive Order, see it here:

Note the Title:

Stay At Home Order

There are no exceptions in his order for government helping kids celebrate their birthdays.  There are dictates requiring people to stay 6 feet away from each other if they have to be outside their homes for essential activities:

ess travel0

Now would be a great time to teach your kids life isn’t fair.  

More excerpts:

ess travel 1essen travel

For those who want to pretend an essential government service is to entertain a few kids with birthdays, you are living in the right state.  Laws don’t matter to too many elected officials and government employees.

The birthday party parades are just more proof.

Handing a toy to a kid was a no-brainer violation.

(Note:  Bloomington doesn’t consider patching streets essential)

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15 thoughts on “Pritzker: Essential Travel Doesn’t Include Birthdays

  1. My essential activities are where I want to go and what I want to do when I want to do them. And with the number of infections in McLean County currently at 38, I would have a better chance of being trampled by a raging bull elephant on Veterans Parkway at midnight than getting the Chinese Virus.

    For god’s sake, this has gone way past dumb and into the retarded zone.


      1. It is also low because we are not Chicago or NYC where people choose to live in crammed up in areas meant for 10,000 people instead of 100,000. It is the reason big cities are the epicenters for this virus in the U.S. The truth about this virus will never see the light of day. Little to no mention of Chinese involvement, prior physical and medical conditions of those contracting the virus and succumbing to it, who were primary people infecting others, Chinese workers in Italy basically infecting that entire country, the real economic impact everywhere that will impact people’s lives for years, etc.

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  2. I went to the hospital (St Joes) yesterday. Pretty much dead… plenty of room in the parking lot (not usually the case) – went in to find a mask for a friend – saw NO workers with masks on – Asked for a mask – Asked what I needed it for? – was finally able to get a mask after asking several times (surgical not N95 mask).

    I think I could actively TRY to get the Chinese Virus and I would fail here in McLean County.

    In McLean County this is much to do about nothing and we should get back to work before the cure becomes much worse than the disease.

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  3. As a property manager we have ask all residents to respect each other. If they need to leave the building we ask that they wash their hands prior to entering the common hallways and also after entering back to their unit from the hallways. Ask not demand…they are for the most part do this. They have limited their friends and family from visiting.

    The next issue is people from other properties parking in our lots and walking to other properties, also hanging out at our entries with no reason to be there. We call police and ask to have them removed and it does not happen…

    The governor has stated essential travel…..loitering and hanging out is NOT essential travel…or do I have it wrong?

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  4. Pritzker is only rehearsing for his eventual White House run. He really cares about Downstate since his pressers are always in Chiraq and all he trots out are Chicago “experts”, talks only about Chicago and lamblasts Trump almost daily.

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  5. I don’t know who is running harder for the Darwin Award here. A virus doesn’t know race, country boundaries or whether it’s spreading in cities or rural areas. The virus hasn’t reached its apex by a long shot in this country. Rural areas have hospitals which will be even less prepared to handle the virus surge and the resulting deaths. Make no mistake, COV-19 will come to Central Illinois and deaths will follows.


    1. Thank you doctor. I’m sure you are also willing to admit that all these problems started in China, the virus was also being explored as a bio-warfare agent, Italy was basically infected by Chinese workers who work in their fashion industry, a significant amount of U.S. deaths are in New York, many from the NYC population (think of millions of people living in small geographic areas), our Governor basically has turned his back on Illinois residents outside of greater Chicago but makes the rest of us pay for what’s happening in Chicago, etc., etc. Yes the virus is serious. When it passes, join me in demanding who really died and if they were totally healthy before they were infected, demand that China pays a steep price for this, demand that the decision makers make failed businesses and unemployed workers whole and extend appropriate apologies to citizens where warranted if their lives are ruined because of decisions made by them.

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      1. I don’t even know where start with your misinformation. Where the virus started is immaterial, we are globally connected through travel and trade. The virus is not a bio-warfare agent. Your contention about the spread of the virus in Italy bears no semblance to the truth. The spread of this virus had its start in travel as it did in this country.

        The Governor as turn his back on Illinois residents? Really? Let’s see, he called out the National Guard. He asked for and received from the president a declaration of emergency allowing FEMA to act. And more importantly issued the shelter in place order to stay home. The fact is that cities are now experiencing the virus doesn’t mean that rural areas aren’t going to see a surge in infection and deaths. One would think that a leader would concentrate on where the need is greater at the moment and then move on to where it’s going. Rural Illinois isn’t seeing too many infections at the moment.

        China should pay a steep price? Good luck with that. That must be like Mexico was going to pay for the wall. We are in this situation because an American president failed to act and has failed to lead.He dismantled the National Security Office pandemic response team and ignored repeated intelligence of a epidemic in China as early as January. He claimed the pandemic was a hoax and continued to hold rallies and play golf. But, hey let’s continue to blame China for a president’s Incompetence.


      2. The only reason this got approved is to show how uniformed some people are. Trump never called it a HOAX. while the democrats were trying to impeach him, the PRESIDENT formed the corona virus task force on January 29th. He stopped all flights from China on January 31st. The democrats called him racist! Government loves the uniformed, they love those who refuse to be informed!

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  6. I’ve heard that SINCE the city got so much grief over this, that they are doing a “parade” in ALL the neighborhoods! Would you post the schedule, since I’ve heard it’s online and let me know WHEN they will be in MY neighborhood. I want to wave at the firemen.
    As for Corona virus, it’s a mutated virus that has been around since mankind began, and it’s thought that it came from the CHINESE eating all the weird food that they do (mostly animals) , as a SIMILAR virus is found in Armadillos AND Penguins.
    So basically, like Monty Python, you NEED to keep penguins off of your TV set! and WHEN is the PARADE??


  7. Leaving the house for essential activity is permitted. Letter c. in Pritzker’s proclamation says For Outdoor Activity.: To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with the Social Distancing Requirements, as defined below, such as, by way of example and without limitations, walking, hiking, running or biking. Individuals may go to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas. However playgrounds may increase spread of COVID-19, and therefore shall be closed.


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