Normal Does It Right (surprised?)

By:  Diane Benjamin

This was posted to the Normal Police Department Facebook page yesterday:

pd 1

pd 2

The police are out patrolling anyway so this doesn’t violate Gov. Pritzker’s essential services only order.  Normal also isn’t picking any winners and losers – they want to reach everywhere in Normal.

They could have picked a better photo to go with the story – it really doesn’t promote social distancing:

pd 3


16 thoughts on “Normal Does It Right (surprised?)

  1. Is it just me or does it seem like Democratic mayors and governors around the country seem to like making dictatorial decrees that would normally be reserved for only tin-pot banana republic strong men?

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    1. No. It’s not just you. You can see the dictatorial dreams in Pritzker’s eyes and hear it in his voice. (As well as Renner and Koos for that matter.)

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  2. I am so pissed off right now hearing mayor koos’s bike shop was still open I got in my car and just drove by his shop he is wide open. Having a business in downtown normal myself I have followed the governor’s directive to close down, I have had no income in over 3 weeks and I have to continue to pay my rent. How dare the mayor continue to expose the public to this terrible virus and don’t give me this crap that people don’t have to go there he is supposed to be the role model for the public. I guess maybe fritzen needed his bike serviced.


    1. Bobby: He doesn’t care that you are losing money and your business is at risk. Having his bike shop open is just him flipping you off.


  3. I am sure Koo’s ego has grown being considered an essential business. This will give him more validation that all things bike are essential including the underpass, zagster and bike lanes.

    I am feeling so confident knowing this is the man who has been given limitless power. I am sure he will also say he knows the best way to fix our economy, even though he was the mastermind behind Normal’s 100M debt.

    I predict an emergency order mandating bike riding is in the works.


    1. He should have demanded that his pet economic project Rivian stay open to help manufacture needed medical equipment. MIT educated Clark Kent would have figured out how to do it in a manner of hours.

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  4. The slantagraph posted today that the mayor signed an order today giving the police authority to break up any gathering greater than 10 people . He must have someone counting the number of people coming through his doors NOT!


  5. Me culpa, Gas stations and businesses needed for transportation including bike shops are exempt from having to close I guess that I will have to put a bike in my shop with a bike for sale sign out front.

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  6. I moved here recently. Thanks for the entertainment. Now when I’m bored at home and want to read some crazy paranoid bullshit written by people who have nothing productive to do I know where to go! Every town has a blog like this I’m surprised it took me this long.


    1. Welcome. Enjoy this internet blog to its fullest. Oh, and being a Devils Advocate, once in a while, helps to keep people warmed up to a normal temperature.


  7. I would THINK that a bicycle would be NECESSARY to move about FASTER in crowded areas (such as stores) to avoid the virus “catching up to you” I therefore think ole JB and his buddy Koos are SPOT ON for allowing bicycles, and that EVERYONE should be riding them! That way MAYBE they would ALL be at the “NO INTEREST” bicycle shop instead of hoarding toilet paper, milk, eggs, bread, and other such stupid stuff..
    Kudos to the uptown police, for doing their “community outreach” It’s really a covert operation to see WHO is having more then 5 people in their yards.. And maybe to also see IF they are hoarding bicycles..

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