Sharon Chung: CHINA virus

By:  Diane Benjamin

A couple days ago this Letter to the Editor from McLean County Board member Sharon Chung appeared in the paper:

Chung is upset an amendment failed that would have removed “China” from the emergency proclamation the County passed.

Sharon, Communist China wants the same thing!  Most of the media has knelt before the communists – even claiming it’s racist to say China when the virus originated in ChinaThe majority of the McLean County Board refused to kneel.  

She goes on to claim violence against Asian Americans is on the rise because people dare  say the word China when it was China who unleashed it on the world.  The people of China didn’t hide this pandemic, the communist government did.  People who don’t know the difference between the people of China and their communist government need informed, your letter didn’t mention the people who have “disappeared” in China for trying to warn the world.

Chung called including China in the ordinance a pointless political statement.  No it wasn’t Sharon.  History needs to clearly state where the Wuhan Corona Virus pandemic came from and who unleashed it:  Communist China.  Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.  Communism is the enemy, many here have forgotten that.

If the Asian community is threatened they need to file police reports, not siffle truth and free speech of Americans.  Sharon – that’s what they do in Communist China, not here.



25 thoughts on “Sharon Chung: CHINA virus

  1. Sharon. How does your government treat the Uyghurs ? Tibet? Your premise is laughable. I hold as much animus toward the average person in China as I do any other country….none. But as a people you do need to move into the 21st century. The only thing with legs the Chinese don’t eat is a chair. Dogs, cats, bats, pangolin’s etc. Maybe it’s also time to toss off the Communist party. They screwed the world with this virus and the lies/coverup. They disappeared those that tried to alert the world. I have no doubt the virus escaped their Level4 facility in Wuhan. Politics is everything with this in every country. We won’t forget who did what when its all over. One of the things I hope is that the absurdity of depending on the CCP for goods is upended and the resulting economic collapse in China results in their overthrow as is the history in country when things go south. The days of leftist virtue signalling are over Sharon.

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    1. You do know that Ms.Chung is an American, right? Also she’s of Korean ancestry not Chinese. She is also not a Communist, you expressing such thing is libel. Why exactly is anyone allowing something so blatantly racist to be posted on a blog is beyond any reasoning. This is wrong ethically and defamation of character. Stop with this crack pot conspiracy baloney. The blogger is claiming that there is no racism attached to this virus and then proceeds to inject red hot racism into everything about this virus. Ms. Chung has a point, there are attacks against Asians.


      1. Maybe you should re-read the article. It was a response to what SHE wrote. Funny all of your examples are from Democrat strongholds claiming diversity. New York City and San Francisco hardly represent anything going on here. Democrats just want us to be like them.

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      2. Let me tell you a story, Jason:

        There was this guy who used to be a liberal Democrat. He was a union organizer and educator. He came from a working class family that revered the Democratic Party and all it stood for. This particular guy had been a Democrat since 1960 when JFK wowed the nation with his presidency. Throughout his adult life (before the internet), he would look forward to the Sundays in which he could afford to buy a copy of the New York Times.

        Then in early 2016, this guy realized that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party no longer represented him or the working people of the United States. He also realized that the newspapers and TV Networks that he long respected had turned into propaganda outlets for Globalists and radical socialist elites.

        From this man’s perspective from decades of reading (and writing) about politics, anyone who is now clueless enough to actually post anything that the New York Times prints as evidence of anything cannot be taken seriously.

        He would tell you without out a doubt Jason that your entire argument supporting this Chinese Communist Government shill and this BS story would not last 2 minutes on the factory floor or the construction site without guys/girls laughing at you and wondering if you bumped your head recently?

        Yes, Jason… that guy is me. And one more thing, Jason. Stop reading this BS and turn off your TV and take it to the road (I am serious). Come back in a couple months when the echo chamber’s lies and BS have cleared out of your brain.

        You will thank me later.

        Trouble 2 (the teacher you never had but needed)

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  2. MAYBE they SHOULDN’T call it China, nor the people “Chinese”!! Maybe we should go back to the 1800’s when the term “Celestials” was in vogue.. As in the “Gold miners in CA who were the “clean-up” crew usu “Chinese” and referred to as “Celestials” .. As they came from a “strange place”.. and had STRANGE habits..


  3. I will link to a site (China Uncensored) that I have watched religiously for over a year. I would recommend subscribing to this for anyone who wants to know exactly what the Chinese Communists are up to and what they have done to spread this killer around the planet.

    Spoiler alert: They are pure evil and they don’t care about you or the Chinese people:

    China Hiding MASSIVE Death Toll from Coronavirus

    Dear Sharon Chung,

    Take your fake outrage somewhere else. The Chinese people know the truth. It is the CCP Virus.

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      1. Yes they are doing some great work. They did some ground breaking reporting during the Hong Kong uprisings. Forget the mainstream media on China (and everything else).

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  4. Chung is supported by the local far left, so this racial nonsense is no surprise. The usual act and personalities that include Robustelli, Richards, Watchinski and the same tired actors from the hierarchy of local organized labor.

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    1. Yep! This is straight out of Erik Rankin’s play book. Shayna, Carl, Laurie, Logan and Sharon all march lock step to his orders on the county board. Just trying to create a scene and make an issue out of really stupid stuff to advance their radical left wing agenda. Just wait until the fall election when they all cry voter suppression at the ISU Bone student center.

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  5. It is only proper in their beliefs to use an ethnic term that properly reflects heritage in a positive light. It is okay to say, “First Chinese scholar in???’ On another note they want to limit biases to 10 riders on Connect Transit. Guessingthey won’t have any problem enforcing that.


    1. That’s why it should not be called ‘the China virus’ – because that could be referring to any of three (so far) major outbreaks. Some call it the CCP virus because the Chinese Communist Party covered it up for roughly a month, increasing its spread and leaving the rest of the world less prepared than it could have been. I call it the Wuhan virus – still gets the point across, less political, and promotes learning of geography.


  6. Still waiting for the Red Chinese to explain why nearly 21 million cell phones (mandated for each adult) went permanently silent over a two week period. And, during that same time, why the satellite view heat index was blazing red over Wuhan.

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  7. Calling someone a Racist is the ultimate tool for leftists. It is really hard to deflect or counter because of the power of the word itself. You can never win an argument with someone who accuses you of racism. Once you enter into an argument about your racism… you have already lost.

    What you can do is ask questions like this:

    When did you find out that you have the ability to read my mind and know what is inside of it?

    When did you find out that you have the ability to read the mind and the intention of ____________ insert politician here.

    When did it become a problem to name something after where it came from?

    Why do you care more about a name and not about what it is doing and who caused it?

    Only in this rarefied politically correct BS world of Socialist elites could the NAME of anything suddenly become Racist.

    Call it what it is (crazy) and move on.

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  8. Dear Sharon Chung,

    The great part about being an American is that WE have the freedom to call anything what we want to call it. If this bothers you, then perhaps China and the Chinese Communist Party would be more to your liking?

    I know… we have the freedom of speech thing here…. which is why I am going to call it the:

    Chinese Communist Evil Bastards Virus

    I hope you aren’t offended?

    I am offended by the deaths and economic dislocation that the Chinese Communist Evil Bastards have caused the entire planet.

    And you care about a BS reason to support the Chinese Communist Government’s narrative?

    Trouble 2 (you would hate to have me in any of your classes)

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  9. Severe economic sanctions need to be placed on China and threatened isolation if they don’t clean up the country ridden with unsanitary wet meat markets. Not to mention the pollution the country creates. What will be next a virus that almost wipes out mankind? Practically every flu virus originates in China almost every year. This needs to stop ASAP! The only way to send a message to Communist China is an economic one. Every American needs to band together and boycott companies doing business with China. Send those companies a message… NO MORE business with China! Also any pharmaceutical company using China needs to stop!

    Al lot of innocent people have died because of this virus. Communist China hid this and now the world is paying a severe price.

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    1. ‘Sanctions’ are inherently punitive; we would be punishing them for their culture and cuisine. They are also inherently political, so can often be manipulated by greasing a few well-chosen palms. They are also at the moment unrealistic – too much of the global economy has strong dependencies on China.
      What we Do need is a change in Policy. Our current policy of funding the government largely from income taxes punishes success and encourages shipping jobs overseas. A tariff-based funding approach would help address both of those issues, as well as ‘the China problem’.
      IIRC, when I crunched the numbers years ago, I estimated we could fund the necessary functions of the federal government with an across-the-board 2-5% tariff (or tariff increase) on all imports, though I’m sure those numbers would need to be revisited. A significant decrease in government, along with a phasing out of income and employment taxes and phasing in of tariffs would do wonders for our country.


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