Jenn has her own intern!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local socialists are demanding public funds be used to protect the most vulnerable in the community.  It doesn’t matter to them that government is the least effective mechanism possible.  It doesn’t matter to them local charities are working hard to help.  It also doesn’t matter the feds are going further in debt to hand out money.

See this Public Comment submitted on March 23, 2020.  Also note who sent it:  Radiance Campbell.

radiance campbell

Now see this email and note the date:

Radiance Niki

Nikita Richards is in HR for the City of Bloomington.  She is “onboarding” Radiance almost  a month before the Public Comment above.  Other emails say this “onboarding” was required so Radiance has access to City computers.  (see below)

Next, this email from even earlier:

jenny 1

jenny 2

Campbell may be getting credit from ISU for her “internship”.  Does ISU give credit for promoting socialism?  I doubt she is getting paid by the City of Bloomington, but she is costing staff time.

What we know:

  • Carrillo is a socialist 
  • Socialism has never worked anywhere and does not align with American values 
  • Jenn got a socialist intern to help with her agenda 
  • The intern submitted “public comment” to the Bloomington City Council promoting Jenn’s ideology without telling them she is working for Jenn

More “Deceive to Achieve?


Other emails:

Carrillo isn’t getting huge numbers of people to her community meetings:

no crowd

radiance Nikita

radiane nujuta 4

5 thoughts on “Jenn has her own intern!

  1. Does Carillo report these “donations” as campaign contributions? You would think she would want to support local businesses and pay for the items.

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  2. “If you would be willing to hang a flyer,,,I’ll have my intern Radiance bring one out to you.” But Jenn, wouldn’t it be more in line with the green new deal you support to simply put a flyer in the mail for the price of a 55 cent stamp plus envelope? Will Radiance be riding a share bike exhorting carbon dioxide throughout the trip or borrowing Koos diesel spewing BMW to deliver one little piece of paper? Seriously girl let’s be consistent with your demands.

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  3. I have attended every community council meeting , except 1, since Ms Carrillo started them. There was never a large turn out . She was obviously trolling for items she could bring before council to complain about.
    First meeting, AME – Jenn, intern Raidiance, Pastar ,then 3 people who all there about cannabis and myself ,and 2 others observing.
    Another meeting- First Christian Church- Jenn, 6 people myself included. Subject was Phoenix Towers , they had no idea of the current status and the inspection and regular spraying going on.Also she was asking questions about Lutz Road project
    Miller Park Meeting- she cancelled
    DBA virtual meeting- last week- cancelled.
    Just facts

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