UPDATE: Who wants to sue Pritzker?

This applies to all counties TOUCHING McLean!

Here’s the deal:

A lawyer friend of mine told me he had talked to some fellow lawyers who know lawsuits are needed to end Pritzker’s unconstitutional lock-down.  He asked if I knew anybody who might be interested in being a plaintiff, I passed on some names.

This afternoon while attacking an out-of-control bush I thought “Why not ask you for recommendations!”

I asked my friend about doing a story.  I told him all referrals would go through me first, he agreed since he doesn’t want to be seen as the slip and fall type.  Nobody involved is trying to make money, they are defending the rights of citizens.

The cost to file a lawsuit is $306, add another $100 for serving the papers.  If the cost is much over that I will publicly shame the culprit.

The best lawsuits would be for affected businesses and churches.  

If you are interested, email me:  blnnews@yahoo.com

Give me the name of the business or church and contact information.

I don’t think a decision has been made about how to file.  Possibly many individual lawsuits would carry more weight than class action.

The Edgar County Watchdogs posted a new story:


In case you missed this one:




6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Who wants to sue Pritzker?

  1. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is being played out in full public drama and at the taxpayers expense of course.

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