Connect Transit – what electing progressives got you

By:  Diane Benjamin

Contract Transit met on 6/23/2020:  Meeting documentation

Can supporters of Connect Transit explain why a system of empty buses with deficits that loses close to 1 MILLION every month is a valid use of taxpayer money?  Whatever they say can’t possibly justify this abomination that only gets worse with continued spending on bus shelters and a downtown transfer station.

May loss:

ct 6-23-b

Going forward in downtown Bloomington:

ct 6-23 a

I bet you can read these for yourself:

ct 6-23-cct 6-23-dct 6-23-ect 6-23-fct 6-23-g

$84,750 for bus stops

ct 6-23-h

$48,684 to upgrade bus stops:

ct 6-23-i

Cost per ride isn’t listed, it will be less you would pay

ct 6-23-j

Fares suspended through July:

ct 6-23-k

One of my favorites:

PDF page 31.  Connect Transit staff can’t analyze their own system.   It look like the working group was immaterial.  More redistribution of your wealth to the McLean County Regional Planning Commission.

ct 6-23-l

10 thoughts on “Connect Transit – what electing progressives got you

  1. The entire Connect Transit board needs replaced. These are the same people who removed bus service from many trailer parks and Section 8 housing areas because they wanted huge buses which have few riders. The current board is about building a system mimicking Los Angeles , not one to serve the needs of the residents of B/N. Money will be spent on a BLM transfer station and new expensive electric buses instead of getting basic service to those without.

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  2. Transit Disconnect exists only because of the individual and collective insanity of the liberal progressives running this circus.

    The scale of the disconnect between reality and the minds of the people in power here is enormous.

    And when State Farm announces a major downsizing of their workforce will pouring a million dollars a month into transporting air around the town still make sense?

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  3. SIMPLE logistics. STOP THE MADNESS! We CAN and are ABLE to give EVERY rider a ride on a SMALLER BUS and for WAY less then the cost of this “Renner boondoggle” Or “Koos crisis” For GOD”S sake, these previously mentioned idiots PREACH sustainability. THIS is NOT that. I don’t mind giving rides to people who NEED it as a necessity, but spending this kind of money is just sheer WASTE!!!
    DO YOU MAYORS GET THAT! COUNCIL? I welcome YOUR replies. AND explanation as to WHY we need 50 seat busses that are NEVER full.. JOHNEE? JENN?? ANYONE out there with a calculator AND a brain???

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  4. Our leaders should be preparing for what we know is going to happen:

    Tremendous job losses in education, health care and State Farm.

    Is there anyone out there who thinks ISU, Illinois Wesleyan, Heartland, State Farm and both hospitals are going to employ the same number of people in six months?

    Is there anyone out there who thinks that our already fragile economy has not suffered severe irreversible damage that will kick-start a slow economic spiral downward?

    And the fools we have elected to lead us, live in a dream world were buses move masked Social Justice Warriors and the new Soviet population around a leftist Utopian wet dream?

    While continuing to spend money like everything is just fine?

    There is nothing right about what they are doing.

    Our towns are finished if we don’t vote ALL of them out of office.

    This is not a game anymore.

    If this was a game it would be called: “The End of Bloomington-Normal as We Know It”.

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  5. Look at the optimism. Building stops with THREE SEATS! Yep, they got some real confidence in what they’re doing. Then on the good ole boy network I can hear the koos/renner cogs slowly turning in the brain,,,(Let’s see now, we spend $9700 and our special friends who build it get a total of $48,684 and we get $500 into our campaign chests, $250 each. Great, let’s just do it?)

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