Bloomington Bozos

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Council met for a whopping 16 minutes last night, they didn’t have an Executive Session.

Tim Gleason started the meeting with a COVID update.  He claimed cases are up because people have been traveling now and are out and about more.  He ignores the obvious:

College kids are back and out partying!

There are pics and comments all over Facebook.  The latest from the Health Department states the obvious:

age range

Because the economies of both Bloomington and Normal are reliant on college kids nobody is going to protect the rest of you from these SUPER SPREADERS.  Party on!

Since every other problem has been solved:

Jenn Carrillo decided white supremacy proves Christopher Columbus has to be canceled.

Joni Painter, Donna Boelen, and Kimberly Bray objected.  At 7:48 Boelen stated the facts, this plan would cancel one culture (Italian) in favor of another.  Jenn never stated what indigenous people have contributed.

Christopher Columbus was painted as a guy who created a lot of harm, not an explorer who thought he had found a shorter trade route to Asia.  It’s sidesplitting to see progressives trip all over themselves to re-write history.  They must think Indians would still be hunting buffalo here if Columbus had stayed in Italy.

Remember when Michelle Obama was pulled off the campaign for stating:   “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

Carrillo’s day job is doing the above.  5 other aldermen and Tari Renner agreed with her.  Congrats Bloomington, you elected clowns.

5 thoughts on “Bloomington Bozos

  1. It’s TDS. Notice she references “during the past 4 years, white supremacists have been running rampant locally and throughout the nation.” What evidence is there of widespread white supremacy in the local community? Perhaps the log should be removed from the accusors eye in order to see the speck in others’ eyes.

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  2. Meanwhile, moving trucks are pulling into driveways across Bloomington, the local tax base is in decline, and Big Red pretends that it wants to stay in Bloomington. But, okay, let’s remove a holiday because some people are offended. The guy died nearly 500 years ago, Jenn, let’s focus on today and our future.

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