The Jenn’s running for the County Board

By: Diane Benjamin

How Jenn describes herself on her Alderman Facebook page:

How FIVE candidates running for the County Board describe themselves:

Notice anything?

All Jenn progressives

The Democrat Party left you.

Progressives want to run your life, they don’t think you are smart enough to run your own. Of course they think you are racist, everybody who doesn’t fall in line with social justice is.

If these five win you will be paying more taxes. You won’t get the truth, but ask them what plans they have for the County jail. See Chicago for a template.

Don’t know who Krystle Able is?

Socialist Sonny Garcia’s girlfriend:

16 thoughts on “The Jenn’s running for the County Board

  1. Basically, I read this as total idealogical IDIOTS wanting to take over OUR local government, etc, and RUN it THEIR way, as opposed to ANY kind of sensible and FAIR policies!
    HOW do we “ERASE” these people like they do in the Arnie movie? You know, where they park the car on the railroad tracks!!!?? And TELL them they have been ERASED! !!!

  2. So glad I moved. If these characters are elected, the County is toast. The economy will grind to a halt and for sale signs will be everywhere, those that can leave will leave. What you’re stuck with is a growing government, quasi-government, and dependent class. Good luck!

  3. More evidence that an Jenn Carrillo is living rent free in your collective heads. And “Townie” wants to violently erase people she/he disagrees with….Hasn’t the economy ground to a halt under Trump???? As for “running” peoples lives this blogger wants to run women’s lives and make health care decisions for women based on her ridgid religious beliefs.

  4. How about George Floyd. Eric Garner. Elijah McClain. It’s a shame when they don’t know their place, right

    1. Floyd wasn’t shot, but he would have died anyway from all the fentanyl in his body. Know that? Eric Garner would be alive if he had just done what he was told to do. Lots of your “victims” would still be alive.

  5. Every video that I have viewed where a person of color was harmed by the police shows them not obeying the officers orders. I raised my children if stopped by the police you be respectful, yes sir and no sir and my youngest was stopped quite often by the police but was never harmed because they followed my direction. Quit making excuses for those that don’t I am tired of hearing blame placed for all tragic outcomes when they could have easily been avoided.

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