Normal – Monday night’s fleece

By: Diane Benjamin

The semi-annual Cost of Living raises for employees are being delayed until April. (After the election?)

Have they ever gotten a COST of Living decrease?

The other big one is adding another $.04 gas tax. The minutes on PDF page 9 don’t adequately reflect the discussion that happened during the September 8th Work session. See that video in this story:

Go to 33:00 in the video. Chemberly Cummings wants to give more money to Connect Transit so they can get more from the State. She wants you to pay more so she can redistribute it to the local black hole of transportation.

Summary: You get to pay more so Connect Transit’s extremely heavy electric buses can destroy the infrastructure you get to pay to fix.

Quote from PDF page 69:

Communities pay motor fuel tax for the privilege of operating motor vehicles on public highways, roads and bridges.

Just a few years ago there were ZERO Local Motor Fuel Taxes. Both Bloomington and Normal funded essential services – like roads – from General Fund taxes you already paid. Now you have to pay for the “privilege”.

Bottom of PDF page 69 quote:

Town of Normal residents have repeatedly expressed a desire for improved roads and sidewalks.

It doesn’t say Town of Normal residents have repeatedly expresses a desire to give Connect Transit more money!

Below is part of the actual ordinance from PDF pages 71-72:

Is Connect Transit infrastructure?

Connect doesn’t pay local motor fuel taxes on electricity. Where do they pay for the “privilege” of using the roads?

Evidently only serfs have pay for privileges.

7 thoughts on “Normal – Monday night’s fleece

  1. No way do I trust Koos and Pam will use this tax increase fixing the roads. Historically they have ignored the roads for their vanity pet projects.

    Government has lied too many times that new or increased taxes would be used just to fix our roads. They always have a way of spending it elsewhere.

    Money can go to any Department responsible for management, maintenance or support of the transportation infrastructure. These include:
    – Administration (Town mgr, attorney, council, mayor and their staff)
    – Public works (maintenance, sweeping, etc)
    – Engineering
    – Planning
    – Inspections
    – HR
    – Parks and Rec ( Constitution trail, mowing, etc)
    – Finance (paying transportation relaxes bills)
    – Innovation and Technology (Smart cities)
    – Police (Enforcement of transportation laws)
    – Fire (Transportation safety and recovery)
    – Others?

    Transportation infrastructure includes:
    – Roads
    – Sidewalks
    – Constitution Trail
    – UNDERPASS!!!!!
    – Parking garages and lots
    – Bikes
    – Connect Transit (buses/ public transit)
    – Etc.

    The money collected will go towards something the mayor and manager value more than the roads.

    Too bad Koos and Pam have the majority control of the council. The tax hike will pass. I hope this vote ends the political careers of those who vote for it.

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  2. If you want to make some easy money become friends with Koos and whoever is the Town manager..

    – Sprague Service Station (overpaid and ($120/year rent for both home and business space, utilities included)
    – Tartan Realty (1 Uptown, Portillios)
    – Dave Shield’s House
    – His neighbor who he tried renting out town space to
    – ISU art gallery (free rent)
    – Yoga studio ($160/mo rent all utilities included)
    – Dan Brady ($1/ year rent)
    – Ft Jessie property sale to spouse of town employee (no for sale sign, only bidder, paid $25k, appraised at over $125k)
    – Julie Hile and Bob Broad – One Normal Plaza
    – Bar in Uptown currently being built, forgot their name ($150k tax rebates and $250k for construction overruns)
    – etc. (the list long and is 20 years in the making)

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