BEC Judge Electioneering

By: Diane Benjamin

I was informed by a VERY reliable source: Yesterday at the Coliseum a Bloomington Election Commission judge was telling people to vote YES on the Progressive Tax Amendment.

That is illegal, the police were called and a report was made.

Election officials are not allowed to influence your vote.

Meanwhile, Jenn Carrillo gave instructions on Facebook for how, who, and where to vote in SPANISH.

The choice today is not between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, it’s this:

Make the right choice folks.

If local voter fraud exists, it will be in the Bloomington Election Commission.

15 thoughts on “BEC Judge Electioneering

  1. WOW!! So far with this election, the Bloomington Election Commission provided incomplete ballots to the early voters and now they have judges who tell voters how to vote as they hand out the ballots?

    Eliminate the Bloomington Election Commission – their track record is not good! The City Of Bloomington voters received the run around during the previous election (voters were sent to poling places that were closed and then the voter went to the Government Center – where they were unable to vote – lots of frustrated voters were going upstairs to the Bloomington Election Commission office and leaving even more frustrated than when they arrived!

    Bloomington Election Commission is an unnecessary duplication to the tax payers in McLean County.


  2. By and large, local election judges are comprised of local Dem operatives. I recognize a lot of them when I walk into the booth. I voted just last week. The gal doing it is an older black lady. She didn’t tell me to vote “yes” but encouraged me to read the entire proposal before before making a decision. I shooed her away and told her I knew what it said and was voting “no.” I’ve reported interference and Laborers Local thugs before but it doesn’t do any good. BEC is loaded with Dem sympathizers including the director. It is why they all want to see it live on.

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  3. I had to wait 30 minutes to get cancelled out of the mail in system so I could vote in person. I never requested a mail in ballot!
    Another guy came in with a current voter info card and was told to re-register because he was registered in Champaign county.
    No idea how they will reconcile all the cancelled mail in ballots that are floating around out there.

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  4. Do you know if whoever was telling folks to vote yes was taken into custody or required to leave? Thought that was illegal to do.
    Who knows what Carillo and her clowns are telling people in Spanish at the polls. Gee, thought to become a citizen it was required to speak english. But I guess Carillo’s illegals haven’t had time to learn english, just enough time to get illegal documents to scam the system.

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  5. This happened to my mom when I took her to the collesium. The judge was very inappropriate and I thought about reporting her.


  6. This kind of thing happens WAY MORE then one would think! My mother USED to be an election judge, and she reported a woman one time when a voter asked for a Republican ballot, and the woman replied”OH NO! you don’t want that person in the white house, you NEED to vote for Hillary.. Seems it’s ALWAYS the people that cry FOUL that are breaking the rules, and yes, that woman was never an election judge again..

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  7. I heard the story too, and there was more ‘doing’ and less ‘telling’ from what I heard. Wish I could provide more than heresay. Still, worth digging further if you have the right contacts. Also I’d love to hear followup. Any penalty, charges, prosecution for the offender? If not, why not?

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  8. Also. From my view, the rapid shift to early voting has put a strain on the related computer systems. I know govenment taxes way too much, but not all areas of govenment have the funds for lavish spending. High quality computer systems of this complexity are extremely expensive,


  9. traditionally , and by GOP bylaws , the precinct committeemen should select the election judges representing their party , and then trained and sworn by the county clerk.. somehow it has strayed into another thing…


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