Only in Normal – Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin

Below are the only items on last night’s agenda. The meeting lasted 2 1/2 hours anyway.

Start with C:

From the meeting documentation – PDF page 30–PDF

I don’t see the “fees” in the documentation, Stan Nord must have asked about them. He said $14,000 is all the Town wants for: (PDF page 32)

Stan questioned the amount since this is a large property. He wanted staff to review the fees because the Town has a history of charging subsequent property owners for fees they neglected to charge the original owner.

See the Town Code – PDF page 80.—Water-and-Sewer?bidId=

The fees for just tapping into the sanitary sewer system are spelled out. The rates range from $400 to $5000 an acre depending on what trunk line is being tapped. 65 acres even at $400 is much more than the amount this developer is being charged. Worse, staff couldn’t tell Stan what line they are accessing, it is supposedly a private sewer built 40-50 years ago. (This was stated well after most of the discussion) Of course the private sewer hooks into the Normal system. The meeting documentation doesn’t mention it. I didn’t hear a word about the 2008 approval that was never filed. I wonder what fees were charged then. There was likely no discussion in 2008.

See 43:00. It got contentious. Pam Reece claims this will spur development. Developers need to find private sewers to tap into – they can save huge bucks. Nord was the only No vote on approving this final plat.

Much more in Part 2.

One thought on “Only in Normal – Part 1

  1. Oh my gosh… with the exception of Stan – It is really HARD to watch and listen to these folks.

    Normal voters….. you need to VOTE for someone who is the opposite of these people.

    The Town of Normal has many challenges ahead in the near future.

    Vote on April 6th for God’s sake and elect real leadership.

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