Press Release from Connie Beard

21 thoughts on “Press Release from Connie Beard

  1. Glad to see Connie isn’t threatened by the new socialist democrat party. Even though they threatened her day job, called her a racist and demanded she resign. Probably more than that but only she knows.
    I’m glad she’s leading the republican party, which in and of itself takes guts. $Donation on the way Connie. You deserve it.

    By the way, which is it? Socialist that are democrats or democrats that are socialists? Or Marxists or communists? Actually all of the above made it happen. A big Nancy clap to ya. They all seem to be dancing gleefully around burning American flags in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be here.
    Someday we should all reflect on the kinds of things they did to get here. Just remember this – crime doesn’t pay.

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  2. Did Ms Beard on January 20th during the inauguration of Biden suddenly realize that Trump lost the election? This statement seems pretty disingenuous considering her previous comments regarding the 2020 election. The 2020 election was not stolen and there was no evidence of wide spread fraud. Perhaps Ms Beard should have included those facts in her remarks.


      1. And 81 million people know it wasn’t. Georgia hand counted its ballots THREE times. In Fulton County they did a signature match. All signatures matched. How many times did the Trump campaign go to the courts? 60 times? Each and every suit was thrown out because they lacked evidence. That included the Supreme Court. In fact Trump committed voter fraud in trying to illegally pressure the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” votes.

        Sorry in 2016 Hillary Clinton didn’t run around suing states and insisting she won. In the end Gore conceded the election to George W Bush. Trump lost the election 71 million votes with 81 million going to Biden. Simple arithmetic is that 81 million votes is significantly more than 71 million votes. In other words Biden won and you still don’t have evidence of voter fraud that will stand up in a court of law.


    1. Keep telling yourself that but you guys sure tried. By the way, what were you saying in 2016, 2000 and 1996? Selective memory? Keep lying to yourself about reality. Workers of the world “unite”.


    2. “No evidence of widespread fraud”. Technically true. But that’s like the police saying not only were you not murdered, but you’re actually perfectly healthy. After all, half a dozen strategic stabs from an ice pick are “No indication of widespread injury”.
      (Not a personal threat, just an appropriate analogy for our former democracy.)

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  3. I just don’t understand why many of my comrades live in denial. It’s okay, we can come out of the shadows now. CLEARLY we stole the 2020 election. Our demented commander Old Joe admitted it. Massive amounts of voter fraud evidence had been submitted. Just glad the republicans are so gullible and therefore so ill prepared. Now that we’ve seized control it doesn’t matter. I just hope they don’t decide to fight fire with fire or we’re toast.


  4. “If 50 million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.”

    – Anatole France

    Perhaps something for all of us to keep in mind when we’re tempted to cite
    sheer numbers as compelling proof of a belief or position.

    By the way, why doesn’t hardly anyone – besides Diane – want to use their real name when posting comments?

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  5. ” Nice try CNN”

    Seriously you think I’m CNN? Again if your contention of voter fraud was true, why exactly did the courts throw out over 60 legal suits because they LACKED evidence? This included judges who were appointed by Trump. It went to the Supreme Court with three Justices appointed by Trump. All dismissed for have absolutely no evidence of fraud.

    Also if you’re going to cry voter fraud, that would also include Republicans who were voted in the 2020 election. It seems very odd that voter fraud was only used to elect Democrats and not Republicans. You’d have to admit that Republicans voted in were also attained by voter fraud. Sorry you have NO evidence of fraud. Your claim that No “ILLEGAL ballots were ever removed” does not stand up to scrutiny or reality. As I stated Georgia hand recounted its ballots a grand total of three times with a Biden win. No amount of a President illegally pressuring a Secretary of State to “find” votes will change the outcome of a totally legal election.


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