Tari, Tari, where’s the unity?

By: Diane Benjamin

While the new president is calling for unity, Tari Renner missed the message.

Remember what he called me clear back in 2015? https://blnnews.com/2015/02/10/does-tari-know-that-judy-isnt-running/

“Human cancer” must still be his go-to term for people who have the audacity to have a different opinion, the below were sent to me by a reader.

Tari proves why there will be no unity. Democrats spent more than 4 years trying to destroy a president who didn’t play by their rules. 74 million Americans loved his accomplishments. We are expected to believe Joe Biden got more votes than Obama (we don’t). On Joe’s first day he destroyed jobs. (Keystone Pipeline)

Would somebody ask Tari is he believes the media garbage? Does Tari hate prosperity? Is Tari looking forward to $4.50 a gallon gas again?

I can’t ask him, I’m blocked from his personal Facebook page.

18 thoughts on “Tari, Tari, where’s the unity?

  1. Tick tock for Tari!
    The timing of the “Welcoming Human Trafficking” vote on Tuesday couldn’t have been more perfect.
    Nor could this little demon’s violent rant on Twitter.
    Buckle up, patriots.

  2. It’s real easy to talk shit when you’re in a position of power, eh Tari? It’s funny how people like him and Sonny Garcia run their mouths when they are in the comfort of their own spaces. There is no way in hell he would ever say that to your face. Cowards, the whole lot of them.

    1. People like Renner and Garcia need an audience to act out their tough guy fantasies. Like an actor in a play it removes them from the reality that in the grand scheme, they are nothing and nobodies. Real men wouldn’t want to be seen with them and real females find them repugnant. They also need the crowd to back them up because one on one they would get the crap kicked out of them and they know it. Think the little creeps of Antifa. Same type of person.

  3. I am not a Trumper, but I respect those who are. I am uber-concerned by any elected official who degrades and stereotypes others in the way Renner has done. (Koos posted something similar.). Personally, I will never respect those who cannot respect someone’s right to have a contrary opinion on an issue. Renner has essentially said he does not represent anyone who voted vote Biden. A mandatory campaign question for the new mayors is to explain their opinion on being mayor for those who voted for trump.

    Whatever side of the fence you are on about Trump/Biden, what Renner posted is divisive and incites hate and retribution. This is awe full!

      1. Correct – typo. I meant
        “ Renner has essentially said he does not represent anyone who voted for Trump.”

  4. But we’ve had a crazy sociopath in the mayors office for Bloomington and Normal so what’s your point Tari? You had the opportunity to be the “nice guy” that the left and the right easily accept but no you chose to be that crazy sociopath. So glad you’re bowing out this election as you’ve been an absolute disgrace to our party. It’s a good thing we’ve got the Dominion voting machines in our pocket cause in a really fair and honest election because people like you screw it up. That’s why ascending the ranks is not an option for you tool boy.

  5. Being an effeminate male, Renner sees a man like Trump who is the exact inverse of him and is immediately intimidated and jealous. Trump has all the qualities he wishes he has, stands up to people, gets a beautiful woman and is basically a man’s man. He also sees the type of male that made his life a living hell growing up so his immediate reaction is to lash out in anger even though the target of his disdain did nothing to him. It is why Tari likes to hang in crowds and with females that make him stand out. You would never see Tari hanging with a construction worker having a beer or dancing with a beautiful woman because he is intimidated by both. He is more comfortable around college kids half or more his age and men that look like him and have a crazy female view of the world.

  6. Tari doesn’t know how to deal with dissenting opinions. Being a college professor he’s not accustomed to having his theories, ideas, and governance strategies challenged or questioned. He finds it shocking that anyone could hold an opinion different than his.

  7. So, basically, Tari is telling us that HE believes all the “melange” that the media feeds him-ie:FAKE NEWS! Well folks he just ANSWERED his own questions, WHO could possibly believe all this garbage?
    Bloomington ALSO needs better priorities AND management!

  8. “A crazy female view of the world????”
    Peabody, your final words are sure to heck offensive, and I’m 100% a supporter of this site!

    1. You know like Jennifer Carrillo, crazed Antifa school girls, ( I e., crazy females). Oh and in the words of UFC fighter Colin McGregor, “I would like to apologize…for absolutely nothing.”

      1. “Men that look like him and have a crazy female view of the world” does not lead one to thinking you are referring to Carillo or her cohorts nor does it acknowledge Garcia or Cumpston or their cohorts. Wording terrible. You could at least acknowledge that. Guess it’s beneath you.

  9. As usual, Mr. Renner is being a hypocrite. Is this how we want our Mayor to talk to people or represent himself? Anyone in public office should hold themselves to a higher standard (including our President) from taking the low road and resorting to name calling, bullying, and just stupidity. I am ashamed that he is our mayor. Not only does he not represent the people of this community, but he goes out of his way to offend, attack, and disregard what the citizens want. April can’t get here fast enough.

  10. I believe Renner feels taller when slamming other people. People that put others down only do it to build themselves up.
    His rhetoric just shows his lack of tolerance in dealing with opinions that are different than his own.

  11. I have to look back at the video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGRnhBmHYN0 ) of my home boy Uncle Joey regarding the voter fraud network that “was probably the most extensive” in the country. As all is fair in love and war, my Trump hating comrades continued the narrative and talking points 24/7 following Nazi Joseph Goebels way of psychological manipulation leading us to triumph. Cheating wins. Just face it Tari, old Joe won because his campaign cheated. No reason to continue the lie. No Tari 81 milliion people did not vote for creepy Joe. As Trump filled stadiums, Uncle Joey couldn’t fill a short bus. You can quit embarrassing yourself anytime Tari as no one cares anymore. As you’ve decided not to run for mayor again do us all a favor and at least attempt to bow out gracefully

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