What happened to local Trades and Labor?

By: Diane Benjamin

The below is from the local Trades & Labor Facebook page. Of course they endorsed all left leaning candidates, but is it worse? See the Vice-President’s name at the bottom:

Who is Adam Heenan? From his Facebook page:


Are all union members socialists now?

Do they all agree nobody should own land?

The police should be abolished?

At least Adam provided who NOT to vote for. For the America loving members of this union:

18 thoughts on “What happened to local Trades and Labor?

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you all how pissed off posers like him make me. That jerkoff wouldn’t know a punk or the punk rock mentality if he got curb stomped by a pair of Doc Martens. There is nothing at all punk about conforming to the mainstream. This fool should be held down and have his mohawk shaved off like the poser that he is.

    All punks are posers, period.

    P.S. – My apologies to any readers of this blog that have no idea what I’m referring to. Don’t worry. It all just means I can’t stand this guy, or anything he stands for.

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  2. People like him can say and be anything they want but when someone runs for District 87 school board and says anything they don’t like he gets crucified. Even the Democrat party stands against him in the paper. Where is the Republican Party? This is a great way to have conservatives never run for office here whether what they said was right or wrong. Jen Carrillo sure has said worse.

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  3. Just remember that Mike Matejka is a member in good standing with the DSA in Chicago and all this makes sense. Even though Morehead is still listed as head of the assembly he is basically a stoolie for the real powers and does nothing but sit on local boards. Under the leadership of the Penn Family Mafia, local organized labor has been totally radicalized. The Illinois Democratic Party (i.e. Chicago) basically tells them how to operate. For being good little boys and girls, Durbin, Lightfoot and Pritzker throws them the tasty bones that the leadership desires. The clown who is the topic of the story is also a former member of the Chicago Teachers Union (Communist), a proud DSA member and political radical. The political invasion from Chiraq continues unabated.

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      1. Truth hurts, don’t it? I’m leaving this shit hole city and state ASAP. You and your buddies can rule over the deadbeats, vacant buildings and rabid animals that are left after everyone with common sense moves elsewhere. It’s all yours. Have fun.

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  4. Trades endorsement of Jackie! was a sweet nothing. Trades contributions to past mayoral endorsments netted north of $8000 – ‘looks like ‘ol Jackie! got stiffed this go around , that, or they figured the verbal backing was all she was worth.


  5. So the local union is anti-police…I will never use a union company again. We should demand our tax dollars are not used to fund these anti-police unions!

    Bye…Koos is endorsed by this guys union, which must mean Koos is anti-police too!

    Koos just did a “John Reed”, think Koos will be pressured to step down????

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  6. It’s important to keep in mind that there is a huge cognitive dissonance between rank-and-file union members and their leadership. I suspect the vast majority do not subscribe to anything remotely anti-police/defund the police. However, I’m curious as to how many do agree with their leadership that government-led capital-intensive projects outweigh the consequences (e.g. increased taxes/fees and debt, less private investment, distorted marketplace).

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  7. I never thought this before but now I can’t help but wonder if everyone with a


    sign also hates the police? Is that a requirement to be in a union?

    If I were in the union I would demand this guy be removed.But I am pro-police and don’t belong to a union.

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  8. This “dude” is some kind of a poster child. Can’t say for WHAT cause, but he’s a poster child. As for the hair-reminds me of the “stand-in” in one of the Cheech and Chong movies that had a mohawk, and walked around clucking like a Leghorn..


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