Bill Brady sued in Florida

By: Diane Benjamin

Did Bill go through all his campaign cash already? Or, does Bill just have a problem paying what he owes?

Remember this story:

New problem for Billy and company:

Jimmy John’s In East Delray Faces Eviction, Owes More Than $50k


Jimmy johns


DELRAY BEACH, FL ( (Copyright © 2021 MetroDesk Media, LLC) — The Jimmy John’s franchise in East Delray Beach is facing eviction after attorneys claim those who signed the lease agreement owe more than $50,000 in back rent.

According to a lawsuit just filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, the Jimmy John’s franchise lease payments for the location at 1911 South Federal Highway, Suite 1250, are “guaranteed” by William Brady, Sr., Nancy Brady, Challo Schott, Matthew Falkner, Kathleen Brady Falkner, and William Brady Jr.

They are all named in the lawsuit filed by Delray Place, LLC.

According the suit, the Jimmy John’s location has had payment issues for years. The back rent is now — according to the suit — $54,242.74.

The lawsuit seeks immediate back payment and/or eviction of the Jimmy John’s from the location.

Link has copy of lawsuit.

4 thoughts on “Bill Brady sued in Florida

  1. Interesting that Brady resigned out of the blue at 11:59 p.m. this past New Year’s Eve, giving no reason, and announcing it a mere 12 hours before. Something’s up.

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  2. Billy is a taker . spender. b.s’er . elitist. Those tread marks on ‘his back ? Those are from the karma wheel.


  3. I guess the Brady family assumed they were so high and mighty that could do as they please and not be held accountable. Thankfully someone is finally holding them accountable. I wonder if Dr. Pliura ever got his money back WITH INTEREST?


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